In Greek methodology, hope was the only remaining element in Pandora’s jar when she unleashed all the evils in the world. Bearing in mind our current climate I feel hope is the only way forward and we must cultivate it in abundance.

Hope is defined as “to want something to happen and think it is possible” Oxford Dictionary.  Leading psychologist within the field of hope convey that it’s a three-part process visualise your goal, find Positive pathways to accomplish them and keep going (Lopez et al., 2004). The effective attitude towards a more progressive emergence of hope in a cognitive nature of hope advocates the cultivation of positive emotions for the successful pursuit of goals (Snyder and his colleagues, 2002).

The novel theology of hope is well defined by the layers of emotional/mental ability that triggers the key elements of ability with energy to accomplish one’s goals (Snyder, 2002). The process of building and broadening the notion of hope has been eloquently devised by a leading Positive Psychologist Barbara Frederickson into a Hope portfolio. The hope portfolio is a four-tier process initiating the first process being hopeful/optimistic, believing a change for good, physically changing for humane betterment and to access your creative ability for a better future (Fredrickson, 2009).

The formation of hope in terms of character strength is a vital asset in self-development as it looks upon positive relationships, physical well-being, active problem-solving and diligence (Niemiec, R.M. (2014a). Finally, the great Dr Paul T P Wong defines hope as “Hope has no shape, no colour, and no words. It is just an illusion, a flicker of light that refuses to go away” (Wong, P 2014).

Positive Psychology Practitioner Roles

Psychologist, health professional and Positive Psychology Practitioners can cultivate hope in a cohesive systematic manner coming together with their subject knowledge for the betterment of humanity. A Global Positive Hope Platform must be established if we are to foresee humanity through this Global pandemic with a more balanced population that will embrace Positive coping mechanisms through these difficult times. Positive Psychology Practitioners can identify good agencies whereby the public can access and be facilitators for better psychological mindset. Furthermore more liaison with community workers, politicians, professionals and like-minded people to accomplish a better version of a flourishing society.

Global Positive Hope Platform

The formation of a Positive Global Platform is essential in these challenging times organisations such as WHO, UN and Global Hope Coalition. These organisations are very much the core elements of some kind of functioning role of implementing Hope within our world. I hope that a more cohesive and harmonious Global Hope Platform can be formed on the basis of a humane cultivation of humanity as Positive Wellbeing Association is passionate about Positive Wellbeing for all (2020)

(This piece of writing is dedicated to my parents Syed Manzoor Hussain shah, Syeda Mumtaz Begum Shah, my children Syed Zafar Abbas Shah and Syeda Amira Fizza Shah).


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