Physical and mental health issues are often interrelated and can have a profound effect one’s self and those around them. The holistic view of self and well-being includes physical health, mental health, and attention to spirituality; all of which need attention. This is a very complex issue as each person requires their own recipe for well-being. The interventions applied in many areas of well-being do just that; attend to the individual’s needs. This can be simply when a person elects to attend to each one on a higher level, to build defences that can be used during the trying times in life and reflect on the outcome benefits.

Whether it is through meditation, art therapy, nature walks, swimming, enjoying a book club, eating healthier, sleeping better, the purpose of integrating Positive Psychology approaches into Health systems is to focus on the individual and to integrate what becomes useful and meaningful in their life.  In this section we highlight approaches, research, and methods of applying Positive Psychology in the realm of Health and Wellness through personal journeys and empirical studies.


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