About The Positive Psychology People 

As the first MSc Applied Positive Psychology course at Bucks New University, High Wycombe came to a close, one of the cohort, Lesley Lyle suggested creating a new website. It would be called ‘The Positive Psychology People’ and she hoped it would help to keep the group together and provide resources and information for future students at the university.

The idea was readily accepted and the rest has evolved since. By word of mouth and social media, the concept of ‘The Positive Psychology People’ spread quite literally, around the world. An overwhelming number of people offered their support, help and encouragement.  Thanks to the energy, enthusiasm, optimism and hope of the core team members, the website was launched on March 20th 2015, International Happiness Day.

Positive psychology is full of interesting concepts, research and theories but this website will highlight what positive psychology looks like in action, through application and in a language that is easily understood by the general public (not just academics).  Anyone can become one of The Positive Psychology People, no previous experience is necessary and we recognise that many people demonstrate the tenets of positive psychology in their personal and business life without ever having heard of this discipline. Some people naturally adopt the habits of happiness and others can learn. It’s never too late or too early to make a positive change and The Positive Psychology People can show you how.

We hope that this website will bring together people from different ages, genders, nationalities and cultures with a common aim – to make a positive difference in the world through the application of positive psychology.

Whether you come here to be inspired, entertained, educated, to share information or to take it away. We welcome and invite you to become one of The Positive Psychology People and connect and communicate with others.

‘Not one of us, is as smart as all of us’

Our Hummingbird Logo

You may wonder why we chose the hummingbird as a logo for Positive Psychology People when there are numerous species of creature in the animal kingdom we could have selected. We thought a bird would be a good metaphor of a soaring, high flyer, but why the hummingbird in particular?

We liked the fact that hummingbirds are associated with visiting hundreds of flowers a day and gathering nectar, an image that resonated well with the concept of flourishing and the good life. However, once we looked into some of the astonishing facts about this unique and beautiful bird, we realised why it truly deserves to represent the Positive Psychology People.

Despite being the smallest bird in the world (some are so small they can be caught by dragonflies, frogs and trapped in spider’s webs) they are resilient and capable of feats of flying that cannot be matched by any other creature or man-made machine.

This tiny, beautiful bird is able to rotate its wings in a circle which allows it to fly forwards, backwards, up, down, hover in mid air and even fly upside down. Its wings beat up to 80 times per second and it can fly at speeds of 20 -30 mph. However, during courtship hummingbirds can dive at up to speeds of 60 mph when their wings beat at a rate of up to 200 times per second.

Their speed is also matched by great endurance as during migration some hummingbirds fly non-stop for over 500 miles.

Hummingbirds are not just pretty but also intelligent, and possess the largest brains of all birds. Their brains represent more than 4% of their total body weight.

They are resourceful too. If food becomes scarce they are can enter into a hibernation-like state called torpor that reduces their normal metabolic rate.

So, that is why we think hummingbirds are more than capable of representing The Positive Psychology People.


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