There are many communities that live “Ohana” style (Hawaiian for family). This way of living brings together families and communities as a way to care for an entire community.  Positive Psychology addresses how people are linked to people, communities are linked to other communities and how people are linked to communities. Positive Psychology as connected to communities transposes on to many types of communities (work, villages/neighborhoods, military etc.) and pulls together work, health and wellness, personal growth, education, and relationships; all of which become meaningful to the happiness and growth of each person in the community.

This can include purposeful efforts to build school houses in third world countries, to businesses that match bought pairs of shoes with donated pairs of shoes, to aging-population outreach programs in urban and rural areas, to feeding homeless, to volunteer disaster relief efforts, to community centers offering crafting courses, to a multitude of other efforts that mindfully inject positive supports into a community. In this section we will explore the power of Positive Psychology in communities. This will include research, practices, and personal views from our team.

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