Sarah Cramoysan

Sarah Cramoysan is currently in her second year on the MAPP course at Buckinghamshire New University. She gained a degree from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences, specialising in Psychology a long time ago before Marty Seligman had invented Positive Psychology. After university, she worked in IT until leaving full-time work to make the most of raising her three children. Once the oldest two went off to university, Sarah started yearning to study again and was delighted when she discovered that Psychology was now embracing the fun parts of life. She could become a student again, study Positive Psychology and get student discount on trainers, even if she was a bit old for Fresher’s week. 

Sarah loves writing about PP, her particular interest is Gratitude, as the underlying themes of social connection and looking for the silver linings in life seem to connect with so many other aspects of PP.

Sarah is also a long-time Oxfam volunteer and has an interest in climate change and environmental issues. Sarah’s blog is at

Sarah’s Blog

Lockdown and Social Connections

Lockdown and Social Connections

Why we need to remember what lockdown taught us about the importance of social connections Evidence There is plenty of evidence in positive psychology of the benefits of social connection. Having strong social ties makes us healthier, happier, more resilient and can...