Tracy Bevan

Tracy is a member of the Positive Psychology Guild and a graduate member of the British Psychology Society (Coaching Division). She has a Masters in Psychology and a Level 5 Diploma in Positive Psychology Coaching Practice. Tracy has worked in social housing for 25 years and splits her time between being a Housing Officer and coaching.

Her passion is reigniting hope and laughter in those who have lost their way, supporting those who are searching for their next adventure or simply looking to make their world a little brighter. She is making this dream a reality through her coaching practice and story-telling. Tracy loves creative writing and will be building this into her coaching using journalling and narrative therapy techniques. She lives in Chester with her husband, three children and Koko the dog.

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Tracy’s Blog

Starting A New Job In The Post-Covid Workplace

Starting A New Job In The Post-Covid Workplace

The company I work for went through a merger this month and I’ve been planted into a new role. In many ways it is very similar to my previous position but with any new organisation comes new ways of doing things; new policies, new procedures and crucially a new...

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