As far back as Aristotle, we can find the ponderings of how education is applied to meaning and finding meaning in life. This is not only applied to early education where often developmental studies are focused, but on into higher education. Education pillars many aspects of a flourishing life: growth from knowledge experiences, personal interests and aspects of connecting to others to transform and expand our worlds.

Part of education is what we learn through standard curriculum, but another huge part is to understand how learning happens in other ways.  Here we will consider how others around us influence learning, how social, family and society factors influence education, and how individuals find ways in which to learn for personal growth. This section will explore the many many facets of Positive Psychology in education through research, application, methodologies and personal experiences presented by our team.

Positive Education is high quality, holistic education that provides a supportive environment to nurture all aspects of a child’s development in order that they can reach their full potential.  It is based on scientific evidence conducted by Positive Psychology researchers and educators.

It is a widely held belief that happy children learn best and Positive Education aims to improve children’s social and emotional well-being including their curiosity and resilience. They are taught many ways of improving well-being including recognising their own strengths and the strengths of others, developing a growth mindset and improving social relationships.

The benefits of Positive Education are numerous and include lower rates of depression and anxiety, improved social relationships, increased levels of student engagement, increased levels of positive emotions, increased motivation, increased resilience and increased academic competence and performance.

We owe it to our young people to provide this type of nurturing environment where we can help them develop their inner psychological resources that they can draw on throughout school and throughout life.

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