In March 2012, James Pawelski, from Penn University, USA, launched the 1st edition of the Executive Master of Applied Positive Psychology (EMAPP) held in Portugal, at School of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP), Lisbon University. Since then 90 students enrolled, from very different backgrounds (economy, law, history, geography, management, psychology, sociology, social service…).

In 2013, the 2nd edition was launched by Michael Steger, from Colorado State University, USA. The 3rd edition, happening this school year, was launched by Carmelo Vázquez, actual president of IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association) and professor of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Throughout this 3 years, the course had the following international speakers and professors: Antonella Delle Fave, Chiara Ruini and Luigino Bruni (Italy), Carmelo Vázquez, Begoña Larrauri, Valle Flores Lucas and Jesus Damián (Spain), Hans H. Knoop (Denmark), Ruut Veenhoven (Netherlands), Marié Wissing and Michael Temane(South Africa), Chris Kinman (Canada), Ilona Boniwel (France), Miriam Akhtar (UK), Margarita Tarragona (Mexico), Graciela Tonon (Argentina), James Pawelski, Michael Steger, Carol Ryff and Barbara Fredrickson (USA). The 10 modules of the course include the following 10 topics:

1. Introduction to Positive Psychology;

2. Research and Evaluation Processes in PP;

3. PP at the Individual Level: well-being, happiness and positive emotions;

4. Economy, Politics and Happiness;

5. Applied Positive Psychology;

6. Positive Organizational Studies;

7. Positive Nations and Communities.

8. Appreciative Inquiry and Values in Action;

9. Resilience and Post-traumatic growth;

10. Human Flourishing: education, arts and humanities.

The impact upon the Portuguese society of the final capstone projects has been very positive, with an array of works that are bringing empirically sounded innovations to corporations, schools, health centres, impoverish communities, and areas such as justice (juvenile delinquency and domestic violence), the elderly, minorities (dwarfs), sports, and discussions around moral and justice societies.

Some of the students have already published their work in national or international scientific journals, and presented in European and World congresses on positive psychology. The 4th Edition of this Executive Master will open in September 2015 at ISCSP, Lisbon University.”

Follow the link below to download a PDF file with more information on this program (pt and en) and the EMAPP Lisbon website for other details.


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