All of us go through tough times in life and it’s so important to make sure we get the most out of our relationships whether it’s with our partner, kids, friends or colleagues.  I, like many of you, have had my fair share of knocks in life and would love to share a few where laughter really made the difference and kept me positive.

Laughter Yoga gave me a new sense of empowerment and confidence and I actually made a change in my life and decided to be happy no matter what.  This starting to show immediately and people started responding differently to me.

Breaking up is hard to do:

The first and possibly most important change that I owe to Laughter Yoga is with my relationship with my ex husband, the father of my 2 children. Visiting my kids every 3 months in Iran was so stressful and drained me so much.  Having had a toxic relationship and difficult breakup, it was hard for us to spend too much time together without getting into a fight, we had both built up anger because of the way things had turned out. This all changed when I learned how to change the way I looked at life and how I responded to what it was dishing me.

I had called to book my trip to see my kids and had mentioned to my ex that I had started a new career in Laughter Yoga and was totally surprised by his reaction when he saw me at the airport.  Now imagine an arrogant, angry man who was bitter that I had left him and who always found something nasty to say – that was the ex.  This time was so different – he saw me and said ‘Wow! You look amazing this new thing you are trying is really working, I’ve never seen you look this good.”

With my new found self-confidence and happy demeanor I managed to change the relationship into one that was bearable at first, which later over the years changed to, enjoyable.  The one thing I needed to do though was to do an exercise we use call ‘Gibberish’ – and as the name implies it means speaking nonsense.  Now this is a really powerful exercise I would strongly encourage you to use it.  How many times have you needed to say something to someone and didn’t because you were afraid of how you would hurt their feelings – so you instead kept it bottled up festering inside you…now you no longer need to do this.  You can tell them in Gibberish – How it works is you say what you feel in a way nobody can understand. I greeww ish imb bla greee – if you get the gist?

I asked him to sit down and to let me say what I needed to say and not to interrupt me – I told him he wouldn’t know what I’m saying and to please just hear me out….this is what I said to him and he couldn’t understand a word:  I am so hurt and angry that you broke your promise to me and you took away my dream – you have kept me from my kids and I am suffering because  we couldn’t make this work.  I know it’s hard on us both but I need to let this go, so I forgive you and move on – and ended it with laughter.  He had no idea what I said but he laughed with me in the end and since that day all has been healed.  I strongly suggest you give it a try and please contact me if you would like to know how to do it.

How to deal with those mishaps in life:

Another great change was with my son, Enrique.  We were having a birthday party for my kids and we had a group of 50 family members over for dinner.  In true Iranian style we had the plastic ‘sofreh’ on the floor and were finishing up dessert when my baby boy, then about 8 jumped over the plastic and kicked a watermelon smashing it against the wall.  My usual reaction would have been to scream at him and make a scene embarrassing not only him but also myself, leaving the family uncomfortable.  Now with my new method of dealing with events/happenings I just laughed.  This totally shocked Enrique and he very quickly said ‘I am so sorry mum” and he ran to get something to clean it up.  All family was saved from the uncomfortable situation and my lovely boy did not feel put down in anyway and was happy to clean up the mess and continue with the festivities.  We even did a laughter yoga session with the family because they were all so impressed with my transformation. YAY!!

We so often over react to accidents and this creates tension, by using laughter to deal with it, will diffuse the situation and trust me they will be more careful next time because you supported them instead of reprimanded them.

Next time something happens try not to react and respond with laughter instead and let me know how it goes?

About the author: Jo-Dee Walmsley is a professional motivational speaker and an expert on helping people deal with their work related stresses and increasing their productivity by increasing their happiness and their resilience. Jo-Dee has been motivating people around the world for more than 10 years. Her sessions are designed to address the physical, mental and emotional stresses faced by people in different fields of work on a daily basis. Her techniques are guaranteed to encourage leadership skills, innovation, creativity, communication, quality and efficiency by managing the mind and creating a positive attitude through laughter and other techniques.


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