February was the month of LOVE and while that has been awesome for some it’s maybe been a totally different story for others – including me.

I chose to break up with my boyfriend the day before my birthday, which is 2 days before Valentines Day – now this is hard but luckily there are ways to make it easier.

Being true to yourself

Staying true to yourself and loving yourself is so important to make sure your love relationship is right. So many people are staying in the wrong relationships because society says you have to, maybe they are afraid of the unknown, or maybe they just think it’s all they deserve. NO its NOT!!

We were made to thrive not just survive and its up to you to make that happen. It’s a choice to be happy so make it now! I personally think the world would be a much more positive if more people made that choice. Its not about being selfish, its about knowing yourself and doing what makes you happy which will only have a great a positive impact on those around you.

If at first you don’t succeed

I have noticed an increasing amount of people around me becoming cynical about relationships and pre judging the partner based on their negative conditioning from their past relationship.

Hey guys – Eddison didn’t fail 1000 times before inventing the light bulb – he found 1000 ways that you couldn’t make one lol it’s the same with relationships. Each relationship teaches you something that will get you closer to that perfect match and the one thing we really know is that change is constant – so what you wanted years ago is not like now. Don’t pre judge someone, learn your lesson and move on with an open heart ready to love – just put the right message out there of who you want.

Keep positive, love yourself and attract that perfect partner. You do need to mourn the lost relationship and give it the credit it is due, you learned a life lesson so be grateful.

Now you know that I am about Laughter Yoga which is the practice of laughing on purpose for no reason. I want to share some exercises with you to help. I will also be launching an online 21 days to Un break your heart with Laughter soon – so keep an eye out for that. YAY!!

How to overcome heartbreak

5 Laughs to Un-break your Heart

1. Gibberish:
This is when you speak nonsense hehe just say a load of mumbles and made up words in the mirror. Talk as if you are telling your ex exactly what you felt went wrong – explain how it hurt you – go through all the anger and pain while speaking this healing unknown language – ( its even more powerful if you can say it to the person but the mirror will do for now) Make sure you end it off in a laugh and positive message because you are ok and happy to move on.

2. Forgiveness Laughter: Hug yourself and laugh – you made a choice that didn’t work out how your thought and that is ok. You forgive yourself.

3. Ho opono pono: A Hawaiian method that is so powerful and mixed with laughter is so healing. I love mirror work so do this in front of the mirror. Repeat these phrases for about 5 mins over and over again;

‘I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you’

You are saying this to yourself, for your actions, for your hurt and its so cathartic so you may cry and that is ok. Fine line between crying and laughing yay!! Let it out and feel the positivity flow in.

4. Love yourself laughter:
Look in the mirror and laugh while you say your name and say ‘I love you just the way you are.’ By laughing you are breaking the critical filter and planting this positive affirmation in your subconscious mind.

5. Love tap:
Tap your body while laughing. Each tap enforces your acceptance of yourself. Embrace your curves and your flaws after all your are Flawsome!!! YAY!! Also tap your face while laughing especially your brow point and your chin area just below your lips (EFT). Think loving thoughts while doing this.

Well now you are well on your way to self-love and healing that heart. Welcome the new positive and confidant you. I wish you LOVE in all ways that you can receive it. Please let me know how it feels.

About the author: Jo-Dee Walmsley is a professional motivational speaker and an expert on helping people deal with their work related stresses and increasing their productivity by increasing their happiness and their resilience. Jo-Dee has been motivating people around the world for more than 10 years.


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