And so the story begins…

Nine years ago I was blessed with a cat.  My childhood home only briefly had pets: a puppy which got ill very quickly and had to be put down.  Another puppy, which ran away while we were on holiday, when staying with my aunt and uncle and tropical fish.  A beautiful tank full of colour from the many tropical plants and fish.  I spent most of my childhood living in a pet free zone.

So back to the story, nine years ago I was given a beautiful black, white and ginger cat.  The story starts just before and one that started in a spiritualist church.  I attended a service and a medium brought through my grandad, who had been in the spirit world for some time.  I was going through a tough time and the message from this particular medium was to get a cat.  I nodded, thought very strange – I have never thought about having a pet before and left it at that.

Power of Hypnotherapy

Shortly after this medium’s message, I became very ill with teacher stress.  I am a teacher and had fallen into burn out, which was so extreme, I was admitted into hospital with a suspected mild stroke, because I woke up one morning and the whole of my right side of my body had become numb.  My right side was losing sensation and power and I had no idea why neither did the medical profession as they tested me for a heart attack, a brain tumour, MS and Lupus.  It took three months to physically recover and it was finally put as work-related stress.  During my recovery I used hypnotherapy as I got amazing results with this on all levels – emotional, psychological and spiritual.  I became a hypnotherapist because of this powerful healing modality, I began to get my life back together again.

The new arrival

While training to be a hypnotherapist, I had to get some many client hours to pass.  This was allowed to be friends and family, but the case studies had to be people you did not know.  One session involved discussing one of the client’s cats.  I mentioned I was thinking of getting one.

A few months late, this client phoned me and said my cat has had kittens and I would really like you to have one.  The thoughts about getting a cat was not something I actually thought I would take action on.  So, I believe in the universe, some people may use different names like God, Buddha and so forth.  I use the term universe.   At this moment I really felt an alignment of universe manifestation was taking place.

The day before I was due to collect my kitten I get a phone call. “Kelly I am really sorry but we no longer have any black cats left”.  A lady came round to collect two cats today and unfortunately I couldn’t be in to do it and my mum said she would.  When the lady turned up, my mum could only see two black kitten and gave them to her as she was collecting two kittens.  Hours later the kitten that was meant to go with this lady came out from under the sofa and I realised she had remained hidden when this lady turned up.  She is partly black, but white and ginger as well.  Do you still want her, I will send you a photo.’  The photo was sent and I agreed I would have her.

The positive power of Bella

In the nine years of having Bella the positive power created by caring for a pet is amazing.  She came to me after my work-related stress incident and really has taught me how to apply the concepts positive psychology encompasses.  Before life with Bella, I worked nearly all the time to try and keep on top of the work load and soon realised with my illness, this is not sustainable.  What Bella does is give me the reason for switching off from work as soon as I get home because she needs to be feed.  She also likes her cuddles and the connection to nurturing a pet helps enhance positive emotions such as joy, love and serenity.  Bella helped me to put my life back into balance and it is from this balance that my life has moved from the busy doing life into the more peaceful being one.  A pet helps you live in the moment which cuts of the stressful feelings and negative emotions.  In having a pet, my life began to open up as unconditional love adds meaning and purpose to life.


About the Author: Kelly is a teacher, hypnotherapist, counsellor and positive psychologist.  Her passion to help people transforms their lives has been a key value from childhood and has been the inspiration behind her work and the way she lives her life.  She is the co-founder of Positive Teacher Therapy, which specialises in mental health and well-being services and resources to help teachers flourish



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