Meet the Happiness Ninja

The Happiness Ninja fights of sadness by slashing way unhappiness, kicking away the blues and karate chopping tears.  I am The Happiness Ninja.   I dress in a ninja costume and hit the streets conducting Random Acts of Kindness and advocating against the stigma of mental illness.  Being suicidal myself for 12 long years I feel very passionate about advocating that “it ain’t weak to speak”.

As The Happiness Ninja I have done many random acts of kindness both on the streets and at public events. This includes handing out free fortune cookies with inspirations messages inside of them instead of fortunes as well as macaroons with edible messages printed on them.  I have given out hugs, bottles of water, chocolates, jelly beans and a variety of other consumable goods.  I have even walked down the street and popped gifts into letter boxes and on people’s door steps randomly.

The Courage to Share, Educate and Connect

Some people think I must be crazy and others think I am super courageous to be wearing such a crazy outfit. I am doing this because I feel so passionately that Positive Psychology is the answer to reducing mental illness and suicide rates.

The symbolism behind doing the random acts of kindness is because anyone who follows “the science of happiness” knows that RAK’S are the latest craze. When we conduct acts of kindness to others our body releases warm and fuzzy feelings inside and we feel fulfilled and good about ourselves.  The other person also feels good too, so this is a win-win situation!

On a mission

I have made it my mission in life to spread the power of positive psychology to as many people as I can because I 100% passionately believe it is the key to reducing depression and suicide rates and I hope to halve suicide and depression rates by the year 2040.

About the author: Jamie views Positive Psychology as her lifes’ calling – to help change the world. She is the 47th person in the world to finish the only government accredited Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing in existence. She has designed a free 21-day Happiness Program to introduce people to retraining their brain for greater happiness.


‘We Are The Positive Psychology People’

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