People who have the strength of Belief possess strong core values and are often considered “traditional.” Those with the Belief strength can be very spiritual or religious, family-oriented, and typically have a strong sense of ethics and integrity with characteristics of dependability and trustworthiness.

In my coaching experience, people with Belief tend to come from a spiritual background, and those principles, ethics, and strategies are woven into their daily lives. This is not to say that people with the Belief strength are automatically spiritual. For example, people with a background in Boy or Girl Scouts have been taught the importance of integrity and the traditional values of being on time and prepared.

Core beliefs and values

People with Belief often feel that their work must be in line with their core values and beliefs. If you try to put a person with the Belief strength into a work environment and their core values do not match that of the company, you have a disaster waiting to happen. On the other hand, people with the strength of Belief can help other people on the team to find more meaning in their work. Believers are strong at helping others touch with their values and the importance of making a difference in the work world.

People with Belief benefit from having their own life purpose statement. A purpose statement helps people with Belief navigate their world and stay on course—like a compass. A purpose statement also helps other team members understand their leader’s belief system. It’s important to realize that people with Belief are not typically motivated by money or prestige—they are motivated by making a difference in the world. They are motivated by the core values that steer their lives, whether it is working with breast cancer, going green, or participating at their church, temple, or mosque.

Combination of strengths

However, those with the Belief strength are not always verbal about their beliefs. This depends on their other strengths. If they are an Influencer, they may enjoy sharing and communicating their values. However, some Believers are very private and oftentimes, learning how to communicate and share one’s voice without being judgmental is an important component of developing this strength.

People with Belief may appear to be rigid or intolerant of other people who have different belief systems. Thus, individuals with the Belief strength should watch out for appearing critical or judgmental of people with different values.

Reviewing the strength – Belief 

  • Strong core values
  • Family-orientated
  • Spritual/high ethics
  • Dependable/trustworthy
  • Not focused on Prestige

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