The arranger is a conductor

The Arranger is like the conductor of a symphony. They can manage and organize all of the people and variables in a project. They are flexible and, many times, make great multi-taskers. Arrangers can look at a complex situation, a complex problem, or a complex team and arrange it—find the perfect configuration—which makes them great leaders.

The big event

Many NFL coaches have the Arranger talent—the ability to create a winning team and coaching staff. If you are looking for someone to organize and develop a team, an Arranger is just the person to do it.  Arrangers love big events, too. They can easily and efficiently organize meetings, conferences, or, on the personal side, their spouse’s fortieth birthday party. The Arranger will invite everyone, cater the meal, and make sure that each guest has a role in the party. Arrangers have the unique ability to use all kinds of resources.

Arrangers need support

Arrangers may struggle with a difficulty in communicating why they have chosen a particular configuration. They work well when they partner with someone who can help them communicate ideas and explain decisions. Arrangers thrive with deadlines—they need them to stay on track. As a benefit to others, timelines assure that the Arranger will not become overwhelmed by details. Arrangers are not typically big fans of routine—they like the excitement of complex projects,so they often overlook activities that are simple or routine. Because this can be a barrier, Arrangers should work to balance their strengths, perhaps with a strength partner.

 Reviewing the strength – Arranger

  • Conductor of a symphony
  • Manager of all variables
  • Effective flexibility
  • Seeking the perfect configuration
  • Big event organizer
  • Resourceful
  • Bored with routine

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