Spring Has Arrived

Finally we can say goodbye to winter and welcome with open arms the glorious season that is Spring!  A time for rebirth as nature slowly wakes up and comes back to its flamboyant and colourful life.  For me it’s a natural time to start spring  cleaning not only my home but also my life.  A therapeutic process that helps me to refocus on where I am and what I am achieving. Decluttering the noise out of my life.

Sunshine and Holidays

I am fortunate enough to be writing this at my mother-in-law’s kitchen table, on a hot sunny Brazilian morning.  My annual spring clean always starts a bit earlier, when I am here in Brazil.  The summer weather, in particular the sunshine has always given me my strongest motivation to do things.  Even preparing for this trip initiated action! After buying clothes for the holiday I needed to be ruthless with what was already in my wardrobe so that I could bring my now unwanted items to donate to people in Brazil.  As I separated items, I took a good look around our home and started to think of all the things I will do on my return.  Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to go on holiday and it’s something we start to plan during the Spring.  It’s a great starting point for the cleaning of your home and a decluttered environment goes a long way in clearing your mind.  The results of my efforts give me a little buzz of satisfaction which then leapfrogs i to other areas of my life.

Making Changes

So apart from the physical cleaning of my home, I have also learned to clean my life!  With the change of the season, I reflect on what I have done during the last year and what I aspire to do in the forthcoming year. I ask myself what changes I want to make and sometimes I can make quite drastic decisions.  For example, I have minimised contact with certain people, who I feel do not bring the right energy to what was once considered a friendship.  Whilst that might seem harsh, it is important to surround yourself with people who aspire to the same level as you; like breeding like.  On the same basis, I have unfriended or unfollowed people on social media sites, simply because of the negativity of their posts.  If it doesn’t add value to my life, I don’t want to see it.

As I reflect on how I utilise my time, I realise that bad habits start creeping in, especially in the days and weeks before the holiday starts.  So, I need to clean those habits up, such as not always reaching for the remote control when I get in from work, getting out and enjoying the light evenings and the nature around me.   Last year was a more challenging year for us and certain things were put on the back burner.  It’s time to pick those things up again because they form a crucial part of our long term goals together.  By removing the noise of unfinished jobs from my  surroundings, I receive clarity and focus on the bigger tasks in hand.

The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

There are many benefits to spring cleaning that improve our health and lives.  Reduced stress leads to improved moods and therefore increased activity and creativity.  The sense of achievement is somewhat liberating and the release of endorphins can give you that burst of energy to tackle what previously seemed too daunting to start.  The benefits are so good that The Relations Group Ltd have created Spring Cleaning Week in the U.K. which was between the 6 and 12 March this year. It’s a great way of bringing family and friends together which has to be good for the soul!  Whatever your spring clean brings to your life, enjoy the new season in your life!


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