The recent UK election was not a straightforward process. Brexit played a huge role in how people voted and for some, it meant prioritising one set of values over another.


Winners and losers

UK elections work on the principle of first past the post and consequently we talk in terms of who won, and who lost. If we think like this then we all become losers. There are good people of integrity amongst every political party, let’s recognise this.


Welfare, not warfare!

Initiating or responding to hostile language, mud-slinging and fake news, brings out the worst of our characters. Let’s concentrate on what matters, the welfare of our people, our country and our place in the world. It’s not enough to place the responsibility of this solely on the government, we must all be accountable.


What can WE do?

Whilst we wait for our newly elected Government to fulfil their campaign promises there is much we can do as individuals to make a positive difference in everyday life. It is the small things that add up to make a huge difference.


‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

Gandhi’s words are simple but true. If we want to live in a compassionate society we need to practise compassion. If we want equality then we need to treat everyone equally. Actions speak louder than words.


How Positive Psychology can help

You may care greatly but unless you know HOW to make a difference, where do you start? Positive psychology research shows that even the smallest shift in our thinking can have positive results in how we feel, in our perceptions and in how others perceive us.

Topics such as hope, optimism, resilience, love, compassion, altruism and more are all earned behaviours. As such, this means they can be taught, learnt and practised daily.


The Positive Psychology People (TPPP)

For the last five years, The Positive Psychology People writers have been writing and sharing articles illustrating different ways that the theory of psychological wellbeing can be applied in everyday life. We feel that this is more important now than at any other time. In 2020 our focus will be looking at ways to make the world a better place to live and how we as individuals can make a difference.


A Global Perspective

Although this blog refers to the UK post-election, TPPP is made up of people from all other the world and represents those of different races, ages, genders, languages, political beliefs, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. What we all have in common is the appetite to make a positive difference. Join us.

About the Author: Lesley Lyle


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