Noetic Nomad, Week 1

This is a new dawn to a new day in the time of something ‘more’ for positive psychology. I began my journey in the study and practice of positive psychology in 2007. I was a charter member of IPPA, but since, allowed that membership to lapse. I began researching the positive aspects of pp for professional reasons, but soon realized that we are more than the sum of our parts. The part that was pp? Was missing parts.

I’ve become a noetic nomad in search of clarity.

Reflection to Revitalization

I was one of the original admin’s on the now, largest Facebook page for pp. There were only 5,000 members then, Now, it’s well over 100,000 and counting. I had to leave. It lost it’s meaning to become more of a selling point for programs and practitioners. I got to know leaders in the field, who, upon closer evaluation, needed followers, more than they needed to lead. Some were as with all momentums, gracious, kind, humbled and lovely. Others? Egotistic, rude, self-serving and thoughtless.

Ironically, the more I became invested in the pursuit of happiness [research], the more miserable I became. Happiness does not fall out of fashion. No topic can. But, positive psychology murdered my Pollyanna.

In our professional and personal development, we have attempted to divide the two, as if we don’t live both lives in tandem of each other. In psychology in general, we splinter ourselves into researcher vs. practitioner; client vs. coach; student vs. teacher, and so on.

In truth?

We are all both at all times. There’s a fluidity to human existence as old as the dawn of time. We are at times, all called to clarify the purpose and meaning of what we’re here for in the first place. I’ve watched celebrity practitioners spit shine their sparkly stories in order to launch a boastful career. While brilliance shadowed by the machine. We are savvy, aren’t we? . I don’t care how shiny your designer shoes are. Be genuine, or get out of the game. It’s not a game. Not to me.

We will never achieve authentic or genuine anything, until we own up.


When I approached a leader in the field with the challenge, only to be met with the rudest, most condescending non-direct, passive aggressive response to my inquiry, I stopped cold. Stopped my involvement in positive psychology. Stopped my Clarity Is… blog. Stopped admin duty.

We need to silence our minds. I needed to regroup. I needed to calm my brain. It’s time. Adjust the sails. Me?

I became a nomad in search of meaning [Noetics]. There had to be more. Should be more. Can be more.

This new blog is a weekly journey through the discovery of why we’re all here. We are leading the world in what makes life worth living. We owe our readers and clients our authentic selves in the process. What is our purpose? Who are we actually? Will we harm the world or heal it? Today begins the journey through the land that we call positive psychology through an existential interpretation. The nomad through noetic understanding of positive psychology in search of clarity.


About the Author: Karen Henry, MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of positive, existential and community psychology. I’m a member of INPM, NCCPT, IARP.


“We Are The Positive Psychology People”

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