Who dreams of living a calm life? Usually people who either lived through a storm. Physical or emotional storms. They’re pretty much the same thing. The hurricanes as of late are a mirror to the eye of a severely stressful mind? That is what PTSD feels like.

Post traumatic stress disorder can be calmed with the help of positive psychology based practices. Some of the time. It may or may not fully sooth the individual. Once someone experiences the turmoil of trauma, they do not go back to the way they were before the trauma. They have to learn how to live with the new knowledge and memories.

The elusive calm. We’ve awoken to the understanding that a practice of mindfulness is vital to our well-being.

  • We’ve embraced meditation over medication.
  • We wish for a calmness in order to reach our highest potential.
  • So why are we the most self-reported, stressed out, prescription-drugged-out and depressed society on record?

The Easy Button?

Our world is full of miraculous, wonderful self-contained solutions to all of our problems. It’s popular to focus on the stress right now. And yet, we’ve been given the super food of universal life-force energy. Our minds are a reflection of that universe. Hidden in the folds of our collective conscious are answers to all of life’s problems. On an intellectual level, we know this. Why then, are we humans always on a never ending quest for a calm center?

Because we crave a serenity that can only manifest with these key ingredients.

  1. A strong sense of who we are.
  2. A firm foundation of our basic needs.
  3. A whole person approach to living our best life.
  4. And, a sense of belonging to … something.

We seek happiness outside of ourselves in droves. The success of our industry and it’s life blood in the commercial self-help industry are evidence of that. We implement meditation as a stress reducer. Everywhere. We practice loving kindness as if it’s a skill set that must be learned before unlearning how to be tense.

Hard Wired for stress?

The authentic truth of living in a calm mind is that we are hard wired for something else. We have to shift our thinking in order to shift our being. In some cases, we see evidence of people (even groups of people) who thrive in the chaos. Some people are addicted to feeling the rush of a stressful life style. Others? Merely numb themselves to it. And then there are the peace seekers, the guru’s and the newly reinvented who know the value of a calm mind.

The key to staying calm is to manifest an indelible connection between brain and body. To consciously connect our thoughts to our actions, we achieve a higher level of living our best lives. Some people crave happiness as their reward for staying whole. Others, like myself, consider a calmness in mind, body and spirit, the ultimate gift.

Peace & Calmness



About the Author: Karen Henry/Karen Daly, MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of positive, existential and community psychology.



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