To cultivate change, we must embody the philosophy. We’re changing here in the US. We started filling the shelves with Christmas ‘stuff’ before summer was over. Everyone makes a mad dash for the sale of the century. No matter how many times It’s a Wonderful Life or Scrooge adorns our doors with the message of love, we don’t seem to be listening. 

It is a wonderful life. If we cultivate it as such. Even for those who don’t buy in to the commercialism. 

Changing Christmas

John Grisham wrote a whimsical, yet poignant little book about Skipping Christmas a few years ago. It was written in fun, then turned into a movie with equal popularity. It was all about a man who was tired of all the hype, then decided he just wanted something different. 

The man had a point. People go over the top with spending money. Everyone over extends themselves. They pay for months after because they caved into the peer pressure of buying things they can’t afford. It’s the consumer’s holiday now. The saddest part of all? The true meaning of the season is lost on the way we all go about it. 


I’ve been skipping Christmas for about five years now. I enjoy it. I’m still solo in my enthusiasm toward making it more personal, but I think it’ll catch on. This kindness holiday. I have faith. I’ve only just discovered Hygge and Fika. Hope! 

  • What would it look like if we offered our favorite shares in the form of a handmade book to the person we shared them with? 
  • Or, what about write a letter of gratitude to someone, telling them everything they mean to us, then put that letter in a journal with 365 days of gratitude quotes, but otherwise blank pages so they can fill in the rest? 
  • Buy them a really nice pen to go with it. 

Then, of course, there are tiny gifts with messages of love. If we take our time in being consciously aware of each and every person on our list, then craft a gift especially for them, personalize it, and wrap it with love and gratitude, then, we are bringing back the meaning of the season, not just the holiday. 

ZuZu’s Petals

Did you know that all the major religions share the same arch angels? Then why can’t we all share the same messages? We have to open our hearts to want to change for good. 

Infamous advice says, ‘We become what we think about’ and,  ‘We become the change we wish to see in the world’. One ZuZu’s petal at a time.  See, it is a wonderful life. When we stay focused on that fact, the change just happens. If you don’t know the meaning of ZuZu’s Petals, they were the pivotal reminder to George that his life did matter, he was important and best of all, he was loved. 

No matter what change we need in our world, the only person who can give it to us is ourselves. Only we can decide what to focus on or what we wish to achieve. Then, it’s up to us to decide what valuable token will remind us of that life. 

Peace and Love,


Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of holistic healing and positive psychology.



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