People with the Intellection StrengthsFinder talent live by, I think therefore I am mantra. They love intellectual activity. They tend to be introspective and enjoy intellectual discussions.

Understanding the Intellection Strength

Intellection is a strategic thinking leadership theme and ranks 21 in frequency out of all 34 talent themes.
It is most often paired with Input at .53% of the time and least likely paired with WOO at .01% of the time.
12% of the population have Intellection in their top 5 strengths.

The Balcony of Intellection

One of my coaching clients calls her Intellection “the Ponderer.” She loves sitting in her thinking chair
pondering relationships, beliefs, and philosophies of life.

For her there is always a mental hum. When she speaks there is a depth because of her deep thinking.
Intellection can produce profound wisdom, clarity, and be a great sounding board for problem solving.

Words that describe Intellection include: Philosopher, Thinker, Introspective, Reflective, Deep, Processor.

The Basement of Intellection

People with Intellection may enjoy their alone time so much that they may appear aloof. They may enjoy being in their head so much that they may not voice those thoughts unless they feel complete safety. They may struggle communicating their thoughts without enough time alone thinking through their beliefs.

Once I learned that my daughter has Intellection in her top 5 strengths I was able to give her more space and alone time. My Woo wants to interact more often but it needs to be on her time table.

Contrasting Intellection

Intellection enjoys inquiring deeper; Input enjoys acquiring tools and resources.
Intellection loves going deep in thought; Woo thrives on going wide in social relationships.

The Power of Intellection is depth of thought below the surface.
The Joy of Intellection is the solitude of thinking.
The Beauty of Intellection is deep understanding and sharing those wise insights with others.
The Hope of Intellection is wise clarity from deep reflection.

Action Items for Intellection

* Make time for alone time in your thinking chair.
* Let others know you need extra time alone to think so they don’t take it personal.
* Go deep and master two topics that you can become the SME-subject matter expert.
* Leverage your deep thinking for more quality in work and life.

Discovery Questions for the Intellection Strength

* What have you been thinking about lately?
* What BIG ideas could you share?
* How much alone time in thinking have you had lately?
* How are you leveraging your Intellection at work and life?
* What does the, I think therefore I am mantra mean to you?

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