People with the Input theme from StrengthsFinder have a mind like a sponge. Their minds soak up, collect, and store information like a sponge. Then they squeeze this useful information out for others when they most need it.

Understanding the Input Strength

Input is a Strategic Thinking theme and ranks 6 in frequency out of all 34 StrengthsFinder talent themes.
It is most often paired with Intellection .46% of the time and least likely paired with Self-Assurance at .01% of the time.

The Balcony of Input

In a child you may see behaviors such as collecting and organizing of toys and artifacts. As an adult they may collect quotes, archive best practices, store articles, and organize tools. Their other interests and talent themes will intensify what items they enjoy collecting.  Words that describe people with refined Input are resourceful, researcher, curator, and generous.

One of my coaching friends is notoriously helpful for emailing articles on subjects of your interest. Understand that people with Input are generous and want to share their storehouse of information.

The Basement of Input

When over used, Input can become a pack rat. One of my clients literally has struggled with hoarding in her home. Boxes, magazines, newspapers that she cannot force herself to throw away because someone may need that information. This client served as a librarian for 40 years.

Some of my coaching clients have struggled with follow through on projects because it is so easy and fun for them to spend hours searching the web.

Contrasting Input

Input may say, “I love collecting things to help people.” Learner may say, “I love the process of learning.” Input may say, “I help people by sharing tangible tools.” Ideation might say, “I help people by sharing creative ideas.”

The Power of Input is to soak up a vast collection of valuable resources.
The Joy of Input is squeezing out information and resources for those in need.
The Beauty of Input is finding the perfect solution and tool.
The Hope of Input is that information will make a difference for someone, sometime.

Action Items for Input

  • Learn to organize and create systems for your collections. This will speed up your sharing.
  • Apply your Input towards special topics that energize you to become a subject matter expert.
  • Have fun sharing your resources in family settings and games like trivia.
  • Find work that gives you freedom to search, research, soak up information for the good of all.

Discovery Questions for the Input Strength

  • What are your favorite things to collect?
  • What do you want to do with the information you collect?
  • Whom do you want to make a difference in with your collection of information?
  • What area would you like to become the SME – Subject Matter Expert?
  • What would turn your raw Input into more refined Input?

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