People with the Ideation talent theme from StrengthsFinder love innovating with ideas. They are fascinated by ideas. They can connect the dots from random perspectives.

Understanding the Ideation Strength

Ideation is a strategic thinking theme that ranks 15 in frequency out of 34 strengths
around the world. It is most likely paired with Strategic .46% of the time and least
paired with Consistency at .01%.

The Balcony of Ideation

Donald Trump likely has the strength of Ideation. He has been a successful business man and architect. But something you may not know is that Donald has a company called Donald Trumps’ World of Golf. He loves creating and designing golf courses.

An Interior Design business owner that I’ve coached shared about her Ideation.  She said, “When I walk into a house, looking at the furniture and where it’s placed, I immediately envision a more creative design for the room. At night, lying in bed, I think about innovative designs for homes.”

One of our Mastermind members created an entrepreneurial business called the, Ideation Station. It’s a physical building where entrepreneurs can share office space and ideate together.

The Basement of Ideation

Follow through can sometimes be a struggle for people with Ideation.

One of my friends admits that he struggles responding to voice mails and emails. But if you text him saying, “I’ve got an idea, can we talk?”  He will respond quickly.

Understand that people with Ideation may become bored easily with the status quo. They are likely stimulated by fast thinking.

Contrasting Ideation

Ideation may say I opened the windows of my mind to increase the possibility of discovery.  Focus which is my number one says I close the windows of my mind to decrease the possibility of distraction.  Ideation says a blue sky approach to create innovation is the best way to get competitive advantage.  Harmony says the down to earth approach of efficient collaboration is the best way to get the competitive advantage.

The Power of Ideation is a popcorn of creativity that never stops popping.
The Joy of Ideation is brain storming, innovating, and vision casting.
The Beauty of Ideation is seen in novel and creative perspectives.
The Hope of Ideation is that innovation will trump conventional wisdom.

Action Items for the Ideation Strength

Make time daily to sit in your thinking chair.  Write down a running log of your ideas.  Exchange and discuss your ideas with a like-minded innovators. Find a complementary partner to help you follow through with your best ideas.

Discovery Questions for the Ideation Strength

With who do you enjoy sharing your ideas?
How do you get your best ideas?
What new ideas are you most energized about?
How can you implement your ideas for your work and family?


About the author: Brent O’Bannon coaches individuals, teams, and organizations as the first GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach in the world.  He is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and you can learn more at


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