People with the Command StrengthFinder talent theme have courage to lead, especially in times of crisis or conflict. They have a strong charismatic presence.

Understanding the Command Strength

Command is the least frequent strength at 34 of all StrengthsFinder themes worldwide. It can be easily
misunderstood because it is so rare in individuals.  Command is most likely paired with Strategic at .35% and least likely paired with Developer and Discipline at .01%.

Command can take control of a situation and make decisions, especially in crisis or conflict. They thrive with clarity and honesty and hate unresolved conflict. They prefer to expose conflict so it can be dealt with quickly. Other words to describe Command are: Persuasive, Assertive, Direct, Decisive, take charge.

Command is part of the Influencing domain of leadership. My mentor called Command a dynamite theme. It’s a powerful theme that can blast mountains and road blocks to open up the highway. Raw Command can be explosive causing harm and intimidation if not used appropriately in the board room.

Refined Command Strength

My ancestor Lieutenant Presley Neville O’Bannon was the first to raise the American flag over foreign soil at the battle of Derne on the shores of Tripoli, on April 27th, 1805.

He led a group of men across the desert to overcome Barbary Coast pirates who were holding 180 American seaman for ransom. For his heroic leadership he was honored with the Mameluke sword now called the Marine sword. After serving in the Marines he then served in the Kentucky State Legislature.

Notice the courage to lead in crisis and conflict. Notice the strong presence he not only used to serve in the Marine Corp but also for his country.

Today he is remembered by the words “to the shores of Tripoli” being a part of the Marine Corps Official Song.

A simple Google of his name will lead you to a fascinating study of a man with the Command strength that was lived with courage to lead.

Raw Command Strength

When Command strength is under developed, immature, or speeding it  can be seen as bossy, controlling, intimidating, strong – willed, even a bully.
Command is my #4 strength. I’ve had to learn to soften my Command with my #2 Individualization strength.

Command can get into a “telling mode” and Individualization keeps me into an “asking” mode.

Contrasting Command

Empathy seeks emotional connection; Command seeks emotional clarity.

Harmony enjoys consensus and agreement; Command exposes conflict and disagreement.

Developer is patient with little progress; Command is pushing for powerful persuasion.

The Power of Command is to silence the critic and ignite personal power.
The Joy of Command is seeing others have confidence to speak and act boldly.
The Beauty of Command is the courageous presence in emergencies.
The Hope of Command is to break bottlenecks and heal wounds.

Action Items for Command

·       Take the lead to resolve conflicts.

·       Be the voice and powerful advocate for an organization that you feel passion for.

·       Speak up and voice the opinions of those who are

·       Get certified in dispute mediation.

·       Leverage other strengths to soften your Command.

Discovery Questions for Command

·       Who and what organization needs your courage?

·       When have you been a powerful voice and advocate?

·       Where would you like to be in charge?

·       How do you use Command to influence others?

·       Who and what strengths would be a complementary partner for you?

About the author: Brent O’Bannon coaches individuals, teams, and organizations as a PCC and the 1st
GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach in the world. He is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. Learn more at &



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