What Positive Psychology Means to Me

In pursuit of the good life.

To me Positive Psychology is the application of virtue and strength in the pursuit of the good life. It is finding meaning in being and being mindful that achieving the good life takes work and practice – it is a process, not an end unto itself. It is research that has focused on discovering what is right and what is required to be well and that this is more than just the absence of disorder and disease. It is evidence of the zeitgeist of our time, our desire to be better, to do more, to reach higher and to do this with contemplation and reflection. It is the application of research in the real world, with an eye to increasing human flourishing.

My passion

My passion is in the creation and application of strengths interventions in education. I believe that by way of engaging students with strengths-based exercises in the classroom, students become more aware of not only their own strengths, but the strengths of others. Through exploration of strengths, students begin to adopt a language of strengths that facilitates the extrapolation and application of personal strengths in their world outside of school. Further, strength work in schools enables teachers to look at well-being from a positive perspective and to focus on wanted behaviour instead of unwanted behaviour. Importantly strength interventions applied in school enables educators to look at the behaviour they want through a focus on the strengths students already possess. On a broader scale, there are benefits to the whole school in adopting an ethos of character strengths and their application.


‘We Are The Positive Psychology People’



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