She reignites the fire to light the path on a new adventure. People have to take time away from their daily “normal” in order to hit the reset button. They have to give themselves space and time to replenish their interest in their lives as a whole. 

We’re all talking about this. Everyone is on board with creating a best life full of purpose and meaning, while bubbling with joy. Real joy or synthetic joy, as long as the world at large only sees our happiness while buying into this notion that we somehow have to be taught how to feel.

Reigniting Passion 

I think that all of those things are good, as far as goals go, but they can also be quite bad for us. Are we burning up from exhaustion from always having to be happy? Are we on fire with fury at the very idea that it’s not always the good folks who win at this game called life? There are people in this world who study others only enough to manipulate them into being on ‘the tribe’ or ‘team’. 

Reigniting our passion for our own interests can help balance out this incessant need to be all things at all times. Instead, we can find our quiet, inner joy filled desire to create a life of poetry. 

When we have a passion for something, all the other something’s fade into the background. Those of us living in the world of social media, have invited the constant overflow that drowns out our own thoughts.

Focus on the flame

When we turn off the noise, the world quiets down. In that delightful silence, we reconnect with who we are. We don’t have to be a copy of everyone else in order to fit in. Nobody ever actually said, ‘you must follow me in order to be valued by them.’ We follow to be accepted into the flow of what’s trending in this highly competitive market.

Not everyone was meant to follow, just like not everyone was meant to lead. Instead, some people need to be on their own path, pursing a life others may not understand. That’s okay too. 

What we can do in order to follow our own passion toward our own dreams; living our own best life, is snuff out the light all together. Sit a while in our own darkness. When everything is so quiet, we can hear our own internal voice, we can reignite one and only one flame. It’s all we need to see ourselves in our authentic truth. 

We are meant to find the things that sparks our passion so that our lives become a work of art, while our work becomes that which inspires the world to find a love of being again. 

Be madly, truly, incandescently in love with your own life. All of it. The hot and the cold. The good and the bad. Your life is poetry. Our lives are a work of art. 

Where passion lives, that is where you’ll find yourself.

Author: K. Aren Henry has a masters in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. She is the author of Indelible Women and the ReWrite series. She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing dot com is her calling card. 


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