Our internal energy is the fuel of our light life.  They say that human beings have  27 emotionsdepending on genetics. The neuropsychology of sentient beings taps into how our electrical wiring connects us to all other experiences in life. We have at our disposal, an energy source at any given moment.

Highly sensitive people and those who can sense emotions in others have the power to heal. We are the more subtle members of this sometimes, too loud world, but we are just as important as those living out loud.

Energy healing is now in the hot-topic focal point in our field but energy work has been around for thousands of years. We often forget that psychology is a new science compared to other healing practices.

In 2013, I started focusing on holistic, alternative healing as a way to heal my own trauma. That journey took me into six years of learning about the forth wall of the healing experience.

Internal Energy

When we have a connection to the subtle parts of ourselves, we are more fully prepared to heal. We live beyond the less complex idea of a mind-body-spirit. We are also meridians and our vagal nerve and fascial connections. We have offered meditation and introduced the mind manipulation of our emotions.

Our meditation masters teach us to focus on the non-thinking in a world where overthinking has become the norm. Others call this prayer, encouraging a conversation with a Higher Power outside of ourselves. The delivery of connection to Source energy, a connectedness to a belief system and the earth itself are all part of the transcending of our deep internal processing.

Every generation has a unique way of describing how we ‘unplug’ or ‘dial in’ to our energy field as a way to find balance.

Focus on the Light

Our internal energy can pull us out of dark thoughts when we focus on their light. It can help us to focus on our heart chakras to heal our soul. In a spiritual psychology we learn about that which can not be seen, but can be felt. We can call upon our own self-awareness to feel the nuances of what is right in our bodies but also what may be wrong.

Subtle shifts can also be powerful messages our unconscious sends to our conscious awareness of self.

The quieter I became in my journey toward healing after trauma, the more I was able to regulate my emotions. For me, this was a case of I practice what I teach. It also led to a clear path of replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. We are organically manifesting a connection all around the world in a milieu of other areas.

Listen to your light. Give yourself permission to feel your emotions, but not become what they represent.  Internal energy is the light that never dies and is always there, waiting for us to invite it in.

In Peace and Light,


Author: Karen Henry has a masters degree  in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. She is the author of several books on healing.  She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing dot com is her calling card. 


“We Are The Positive Psychology People”




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