It’s been said, ‘you glow differently when you’re actually happy.’ I think that, when you glow, you flow, which is beyond the general well-being toward a eudaimonia level of happiness. We flow when we are glowing or, we glow when we are in alignment through mind, body and spirit. 

To be out of alignment is how we end up not fulfilling our great expectations of ourselves. We get distracted or pulled in a direction that doesn’t flow with our own pursuit of happiness. I love to day dream as part of my job as writer, but when I’m studying or writing research, I become frustrated with myself. 

My glow has dimmed 


I’m doing it now. Allowing the cat to distract me from what I want to say. I’m writing, but my mind is pulling me toward the to-do list; my eyes keep wandering over to the dishes in the sink and the check list I wanted to accomplish before the end of the month. 

Practicing mindful meditation helps. Staying focused with purpose gives space to one task at a time, but that’s an intentional skill I had to teach my mind as it didn’t come fully equipped with long term focus. 

A once traumatized brain tends to scatter. For a long time, not only did I not glow, I didn’t think I had a single match left to light the flame of that single candle we so often use as metaphor for change. 

In life, there is light. 


The beautiful thing about the human condition is, we have the amazing power to recreate a new version of ourselves, as often as we allow ourselves to. When we want to rewrite our lives in the light of what we want our lives to look like, we have to stay focused. We have to give ourselves permission to concentrate on what we want, which also means shedding the past that didn’t serve us. 

We give ourselves the checklist of things to add, but that also means, the things we will get rid of. Negative thinking happens. It’s ludicrous to believe or tell anyone not to have negative thoughts. It’s also irresponsible to do so, since thoughts are free flowing radicals that bounce around in our heads, whether we like it or not. 

Instead, I suggest, and especially for those who are in the helping profession, find the thoughts, actions, day dreams and promises we would like to come true ~ and give them a space to grow in the glow of one’s internal place of happiness. 

Create a glow list. 


  • The things that make you feel love while giving you permission to love others.
  • What sets your soul on fire?
  • What excites you?
  • What did you always want to do that the world told you that you can’t?
  • That thing is worth focusing on. It can come to live in the light of how it makes you feel. 

When you work on your glow list, you work on yourself, by yourself, for yourself. You will feel the power of the light work fueling your best lived life. You will learn to love yourself again. Maybe for the first time. 

In peace and light,


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Author: Karen Henry is a holistic healer, writer and, positive psychology practitioner since 2007. This is chapter Two. 



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