The circle of fire symbolizes so many things in our human history. It could be the circle of life or perhaps the enso, a symbol that indicates that the mind is free for the body to create. Some even say the earth itself was made in a ring of fire. 

What fuels our fire, to keep us going or complete our journey? 

Human development across the lifespan, when we are blessed (lucky?) to have a full life span into old age, is one organic compilation of the art of being human in a world with 8.7 million species. 

Circles of light 

When we experience something, that thing always has a beginning, middle and end. The great written works emulate this pattern. Every moment of a decision made, is the beginning of a new adventure. It could be something as simple as how we break our fast or as complicated as how we survive a traumatic event. 

When we hold onto the light of discovery, taking the novelty of a thing full circle, we grow as a person. No matter the experience, we can learn, expand and grow in our knowledge of the world. Be it school, careers, relationships, crafts or talents, we are always learning about life itself. 

Some of it is overtly obvious, such as a tangible gift while other experiences are not so obvious, such as our morals, spiritual or value driven decisions. Would we tolerate an intolerable act by someone? Most of us would not, yet, there are some who will be thrilled with the moral corruptness of an act against our fellow beings. 

Ring of Fire 

If humans delve more deeply into our planet in relation to self, we would see that we are a copy of the very earth we live on. 

In the history of the world, we know there are billions of years, yet, we only pay real attention to the last few hundred. We don’t overwhelm our brains with the vastness that brought us to this very spot. The field of psychology has only been around for a hiccup compared to the length of time we’ve been in existence. 

Our life span is but a brief flicker in the wind of time. Because of that, we tend to go around in circles with issues that could be an easy fix. 

We can circle back; circle around; spin in circles; live within the circle of a trusted tribe and we can break free of our own trusted inner circle in order to learn about other global experiences. 

Existential Whole Life

When we set out to achieve a lighter, brighter life, we must include a full circle of health and well being. This includes our whole person approach to living our best life. 

To illuminate the experience of being alive, we become one with our connection to all else. This is how we embrace our organic, human existence in the whole of the world at large. 

Our circle of life is to be cherished at every phase. This is what it is to be in the lightness of a healthy, whole life. Fire it up and live it as best you can.

In Peace and Light,

K. Aren

Author: K. Aren Henry has a masters in community psychology and an advanced graduate certificate in mental health counseling. She is the author of Indelible Women and the ReWrite series. She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing dot com is her calling card. 


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