Recently, as I drove home at the end of my working week, I thought about an evening relaxing on the sofa, with a few drinks and watching TV.  I didn’t really pay much attention to the glorious sunshine, which is unusual for me.  I guess that I was just tired.  However, by the end of the night, I had had an important reminder about seizing the moment and my God did I need it!

The Trap of Routine

A career as cabin crew provides a varied work pattern. Days off vary depending on where you have been and of course these days can fall anywhere within the week.  I don’t miss the 9-5 routine at all.  Recently though, I have been more involved in the other side to my role, which is delivering training to our crew.  This means I have been working a 6 on, 3 off pattern for several months now (with the odd trip here and there).  I find this type of work more tiring than long-haul flying and gradually over the last few months, found myself falling into the trap of routine.  The trap is that every day I come in from work, I declare my tiredness to my partner and the universe by plonking myself on the sofa and saying I’ll do something the next day after work.  This leads to 3 days off of catching up on all the things I could have and should have achieved during the week.  Things like studying Portuguese, reading motivational books and magazines, calls to family and friends and working towards my list of goals.

It’s Not All About You

So, on the night in question, I arrived home with my grand plans of couch potatoism! My partner welcomed me home and asked me how my day had been.  Then he suggested that we go out somewhere.  I really did not feel like it but asked where he was thinking of going.  His suggestion was to drive to Chelsea. In my mind I was thinking, why does he want to go there?  It’s miles away and will cost petrol and parking.  The reality was that it was Sunday; so free parking and only 18 km away!  Then I thought about his day and in fact week.  He is currently looking for work so had not had much interaction with people until I got home.  It was time for me to seize the moment and shake off my lethargy.  After all, it was his evening too!

A Most Glorious Evening

So we set off in the car, heading for Chelsea.  The benefit of seizing the moment became immediately apparent.  We had been without a car for a while and during that time, we had discussed how we took having a car for granted and that we should express our gratitude more.  So, I thanked the Universe for being behind the wheel again. The sun was shining and my tiredness vanished into thin air as we sang along to the radio, lifting my soul and my spirits.  Why had I been so desperate to sit on the sofa?

We arrived in Chelsea and found a good place to park without even trying.  We started walking along The Kings Road, stopping to look in shop windows, admiring some art for sale in one of them.  We came across the tail end of a street party for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday.  It was a pretty little cul-de-sac, where the houses were painted in pastel colours, beautifully framed by the sunny evening summer sky.

Capturing the moment

As we walked, my partner took many photos, seizing the moment in photographic memories that we will cherish forever. We walked and talked our way to Sloane Square, popping into the Church for some reflection time, before making our way to Battersea Bridge.  We crossed the river and entered Battersea Park.  I had not been into the park for several years and for my partner it was his first time.

As we reached the Pagoda, the weather turned and from nowhere, the heavens opened.  It was a proper summer storm.  All we could do was shelter by the Pagoda, trying to avoid crossing the line from damp to soaking wet.  It was thrilling watching the water bouncing into the river and flowing downstream.

After about 20 minutes the storm passed, leaving behind a sky fit for an impressionist’s painting.  A contrast of sunshine, blue sky and clouds crossing a spectrum of colour.  The photography continued as we reached Albert Bridge and it’s 4000 light bulbs, which had just illuminated.  It truly was a glorious evening.


As I drove home, I reflected on seizing the moment.  I had nearly missed this experience for a sofa and watching TV.  Quality time with my partner is priceless.  That night will forever remain in my memory.  If I had chosen to stay at home, I wouldn’t remember it a week later.  Now we have some amazing photos of a precious evening of quality time, time that we will get back every time we remember our visit to Chelsea.

About the author: Stuart Dickson currently works for an airline as both cabin crew and trainer. His passion for personal development began in September 2013.  Part of his development is increasing his spirituality and the many ways of doing this.  His first blog, Happy Monday People was born from a project that came about from his personal development journeys


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