“The biggest emotion in creation is the bridge to optimism” ~Brian May

Before Taking Positive Psychology my thoughts about the course were: I always thought that I was optimistic about a lot of things, especially about life. But after taking this class I have a new profound understanding of how being optimistic is neither good nor bad. Everyone has a choice to make in life whether they want to be optimistic or pessimistic. I had never heard of the term “Positive Psychology” but I had been exposed to and even taught many of the lesson concepts we explored during this term.  This class really opens up my mind, body, and spirit to the world of happiness in so many ways and not just my own.

Learning the true value of optimism was eye-opening

An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about Optimism.  I learned many new ways of how to implement being optimistic into my daily life or at least try to. There are simple easy habits that I can use to enjoy a much happier life, and it doesn’t just have to be for me but for the people around me as well.  Learning about different ways to incorporate happiness into my life was very inspirational to me since I’ve lost my brother, my grandmother, and Auntie all within a seven months of each other. I felt so sad during that time. But since talking to family, friends, and God I realized that they are in a better place and that they would want me to be happy. So by doing some of the habits in the Ah-Ha it has really brought me to a great place in my life and now I can continue on living a great life with my loved ones.

On the optimistic path and moving forward

Positive Psychology opened my eyes to how I think people should be optimistic in life. It’s no secret that our personality affects our health, so we only need to make a few changes for the better to be healthier and happier.  It seems so easy, that you have to wonder why some people choose not to be optimistic about their lives. While being skeptical can be a healthy way to avoid getting taken advantage of, being pessimistic. I can let go of the assumption that the world is against me, or that I was born with a gray cloud over my head. Just because I’ve experienced pain or disappointment in the past it does not mean that what starts badly will end badly. I see myself as a cause, not an effect. I don’t have to be a product or a victim of circumstances.   By making just a few changes, I can continue be on my way to a better overall health and wellness.

About the author: Marcus Barbour is a student at Chaminade University. His future goals are to become either a Probation Officer or a Parole Officer for the Federal Government and to pursue a Master’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration. In his free time like just likes to relax.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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