I was not sure what I expected for this course because I never heard of it so I did not really have thoughts about it. When we began the first week’sreading assignments, exercises and questions, it became clear of what this course was about.

An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about: Positive Self

Positive Self focuses on the self as an object and as a subject. Carr says that these two aspects of the self are constructed under social, cognitive, behavioral, and narrative psychology . . . self agent theme is to central theories in the evolutionary theory that highlights the biological aspect (234). This chapter really put into perspective of how we view ourselves and how we are designed/strive to be.

Positive Psychology opened my eyes to:

The journal exercises made a huge impact for several reasons and I keep talking about them but it really stuck with me or should I say, I had an ah-ha moment–Coming up with new habits is really simple but actually following through is the hard part. Over the semester we utilized the journals provided to us to track our habits and how we can create/break habits. The science of coming up with the plans was tricky because it forced me to really think about my habit, my reason for it, the plan of action, following through, and journaling it. Each step took effort and time. As I always say, I never really have time to stop and reflect, this exercise forced me to reflect on my poor habits and good habits. My poor habits were easy to pick out but actually trying to fix it was hard. I came up with several plans, sometimes they worked and sometimes they did not. I can relate this to creating goals. My goals I think, were simple yet complex. They are simple changes that can make a huge difference but complex because I had to really think about how I was going to create change. Overall, I felt that this experience was a positive one because I was able to reflect on my everyday life. Even just thinking gave me inspiration and time to relax and not focus on other things. My goal is to keep doing this because I feel accomplished and determined with my little success so far. It is like a chain reaction, if I can change a small habit then I can continue on this path of positivity.

About the author: Lezlie Sandoval is a Chaminade grad headed to USC for social work. Leslie’s motivation comes from her love for her family and the desire to help others. She sees all things, big and small, as important when it comes to being part of a positive world to include her love of her dogs—her stress reducers.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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