When facing challenges in life, whether it is physical, emotional or mental, we have one of three options: let our response push us backward, stand us still or propel us forward. Only one of these options exemplifies resilience, growth mindset, and optimism, which are key ingredients to living a fulfilling life. At the beginning of February I developed a rare autoimmune disorder called reactive arthritis. It has presented many challenges, yet I have remained mostly positive throughout the process. I believe my gratitude practice that began long before the health challenges arrived has propelled me forward in this season and for that I am very thankful. Whether we have allowed our pain to push us backward, stand us still or propel us forward it is important for us to seek healing outside of the conventional sense of the word. To propel us forward in our challenges, I believe the following four tips will help us heal:

  • Help from others
  • Excitement for life
  • Aligning our beings with our truth
  • Love. Lots and lots of love

Help From Others

The importance of community seems to be magnified when we face challenges in life, as the support we do or do not receive impacts our ability to propel ourselves forward. If you do not feel supported in your time of need, seek out help. Communicate your needs to your community before falling into the negative self-talk that says no one is there for you. If you do feel supported, ensure you express your gratitude for the support that you are receiving as often as you can. To note, our help may come from individuals that are not in our intimate communities, like doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. It is significant to express your gratitude to these individuals to spread love and encouragement to them, as these are often thankless jobs!

Lesson Learned: It is okay to ask for help. When we go through difficulties there are certain things we may not be able to do. In these times, it is humbling to ask for assistance. It is not always easy, but it brings awareness to our healthy need for others in our lives.

Excitement For Life

No matter how painful or difficult our circumstances may be there is always something we can find to celebrate. Even if it seems insignificant, hold onto the excitement that it brings and allow the joy to flow through your body, mind, and soul. Positive emotions have the power to create upward spirals, which create more positive emotions in our lives. When facing challenges, it is essential that we increase the positivity we experience to counteract the negative impacts of the challenge we are living through.

Lesson Learned: There is always something to celebrate. If you can’t find it, look harder.

Aligning Our Beings With Our Truth

To encourage healing, resolve to become the best you, you can be during this time. When we become true to who we are, we may mitigate the stress and tension in our beings. We are not always aware of the stress living out of who we are may cause, yet as our subconscious is always at work, we must align our thoughts, behaviours, and actions with our truth. As we remove stress from our beings, we are promoting healing. To begin aligning yourself with your truth ask questions about who you are and who you want to be. Where have you limited yourself? What are you proud of? What is my truth? Who am I? Who am I not? Are there any discrepancies with how I am living? What can I do to mitigate stress? Figuring out who you are can be a freeing process that encourages positive healing.

Lesson Learned: Our body, mind, and soul are interconnected, so we must align ourselves to our truth.

Love. Lots & Lots of Love

Love releases feel good chemicals, such as oxytocin, in the brain that may promote healing through decreasing stress. To ensure a positive healing experience, we must raise the amount of love we are giving and receiving in our lives. This can be done by increasing (consensual) physical touch, spending time with loved ones, expressing love to our partners or friends, and engaging in a self-love practice that includes taking care of ourselves and flowing love through our bodies. To take it to the next level, we must lovingly accept the challenges we face without opposition to fully surrender to the process. This will eliminate fear and increase the amount of love we are able to feel in the midst of our trials.

Lesson Learned: Love is the most powerful medicine. Receive it, give it. Lots and lots of it.

Healing comes in many forms and is not limited to the tips shared in this post. As we engage with the medical, spiritual, emotional, and holistic practices we may experience healing. By practicing the H.E.A.L. tips during the challenges of life, we have the opportunity to experience positive recovery, which I invite you to implement. Happy healing, friends!

About the author: Amanda Gould is a MAPP distance student at Buckinghamshire New University, living near Toronto, Canada. You can typically find her running, drinking a smoothie, or figuring out new ways to live her best life!
Website: www.instagram.com/amandakgould


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