Before Taking Positive Psychology my thoughts about the course were: positive, optimistic, pessimistic, scared, stressed, with a little anxiety because I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited to learn what is was all about because I have never taken positive psychology before. I wanted to know what it consisted of and all of its aspects although I’ll be honest I was a bit afraid of the course.

Positive Tools: FLOW, Compassion, Self-love…

An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about positive psychology and compassion.  Compassion is an emotion and expression that you can share with many individuals if you choose too.  Compassion is a skill that I am still trying to master.  To have the art of compassion you can express yourself in so many different feelings and ways.  I learned about self-love or to love thyself regardless or any outcome, the problem you may face that there is always something you can make positive out of a bad situation.

Positive psychology has given me so many different tools that I can utilize in life such as FLOW.   According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a pioneer of the scientific study of happiness, flow is a type of intrinsic motivation of the mind.  In his words, “you do what you’re doing primarily because you like what you’re doing. To actually know how to have full involvement with an activity that you may desire or like such as singing, acting, teaching, counseling, painting, playing an instrument and working towards being good at it is having FLOW.  Most people don’t know how to find their flow or don’t work hard to continue their flow because others may want to persuade you that you’re not good enough and that you cannot do it but like Mihaly mentioned in his speech do it anyway.

Exploring and Finding Possibilities

Positive Psychology opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and options. One goal is to find your happy place and indulge yourself in it—FLOW.  Finding and preacticing expression of love and compassion will definitely offer you a life full of happiness and success.  Positive psychology also taught me about wellness and how to take care of the well- being. This can be done by foucsing on myself through exercise and eating healthy.  From what I learnern, I chose to make myself a better person.  I have strated the habit of walking around my neighborhood for 20 minutes a day will increase my chances of well-being.  Discovering the meaning and spiritual engagement will allow me to know the true meaning of life.  Why do we exist and how can I make my life enjoyable and yet memorable.

Positive psychology teaches you about strengths and virtues and having a positive mindset.  It also teaches us about being optimistic, mindful, grateful for yourself and others. with the end result being more happiness.  Positive psychology is a science of happiness. I feel this course was designed for students who are interested in personal well-being, as in counseling, clinical psychology, psychiatry and life coaching. This course ultimately was one of my favorites  and it was very informative, informational, and  it actually was super fun.

About the Author: Tiffany Mascoto attends Chaminade University of Honolulu studying psychology.  Tiffany is a mother of two children ages 6 and 2.  Tiffany’s goal in life is to become a school principal or a counselor within the public education.  Tiffany loves to spend her time with family, friends and learning new things.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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