The world is hurting right now. People are sharing pain more than pleasure. It seems to be a challenge. In the wake of global flooding, national fires, people rising up against this, and that, it’s understandable that there is global fear. However, there is also global grace. We all have the ability to shine our light on the gratitude, grace and grit within us.

It’s up to each individual to choose which.

People raising their voices against each other? People rising up against, well, pretty much everything? Shouting just to be heard, rather than quieting in order to listen? I for one, want to shift my own conscious awareness toward the good in the world, the happy people, the peace seekers. That’s saying a lot from a person who spent far too long in a state of grieving and sadness.

Grit Culture

According to Michelle Peluso, CEO of GritGroupe, Grace is defined by, “Meeting those moments on the journey, then picking yourself back up, being humble enough to learn, and not being too hard on yourself.”

It is with great grit that one can live in a state of grace while weathering the storms around us. I found a terrific place called The Grit and Grace Project. It inspired this noetic nomad to think about how inviting grace into our lives, we can become more determined to focus on the good in humanity.

I loved this so wanted to make a global space for it to be reflected for others.

“Grace is freely given unmerited favor and mercy, moral strength, a disposition of generosity and kindness, favor rendered even when you need not do so. Grit is firmness of character, indomitable spirit, toughness and resolution, unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.”

When I was developing clarity, I was also going through a very hard time in my personal life. I realized that there was a piece missing from the puzzle. Studying happiness, well-being, thriving, the three pillars, and the rest of the core original concepts in the 90’s revival of a positive psychology was not enough. I blurred the lines, lost focus, and stammered over the reality that I was a qualitative researcher. As such, I needed to be in the ‘lived experience’ of the emotions.

Grace culture

Staying present in my own moments of grit and grace meant that I was inviting a new reality into my otherwise, rather despairing existence. It was and is with grit that I stand united in my own truth and it is with grace that I give myself permission to feel positive in spite of some of the harsh realities of my existence.

We are human. We have flaws. We have bad days. We have sorrow and real problems that won’t go away by merely ‘thinking’ ourselves into a better place.

We have to take action and work toward the positive state of being. Living in a constant ebb and flow of grace through grit however, is a mental muscle we can use throughout our daily lives.

Peace, light and love,


About the Author: Daly Karen Henry, MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer [Karen Daly]. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of positive, existential and community psychology.



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