Meditation = flow + Om. The mantra I use when entering into my fugue state for a writing session, or Reiki session. It takes discipline, focus and yes, to some degree, joy. It’s also extremely difficult when in a place with constant noise and interruptions. The strength of being in Om is the equivalent of a mental workout.

I have had a private practice in Reiki and writing for a year now. I’ve attempted two locations. Both of them have been terrible for both Reiki and writing. When I’m home, I have to hide from social media, from my family and even from my pets!

Coming out of a life of utter chaos, monumental challenges, the real ones, not just a dissatisfaction with an otherwise cozy life, has been paramount to finding my center.


The term used to chant ourselves into a place of inner peace. I don’t come from a place where people fully understand it’s significance. I know I didn’t either. I also couldn’t afford, nor leave my children, to go explore it’s full potential on the top of a mountain in Tibet. So? I’m doing my Tibet mountain sitting right here in my own Om. My own internal world. What I’ve learned is universally true of a reflection of our world today.

I’ve had to fight my way into a place where I no longer feel like fighting the world. I’ve found inner peace. I had to in order to literally save my life. So many of us do, don’t we? Need a lifeline?

Too Many Tabs

I’m doing it right now. Deleting my junk. There are currently 12 tabs open as I type this. My inbox has 2, 419 ‘promotions’; 3200 ‘social’ announcements; 252 newsletters; 1400 ‘primary’ inbox emails. That’s not including all of it. None of that includes home life, which presents other challenges. The balance does not always go as planned.

Yes, my Om-time is my sanctuary. 

The absolutely beautiful thing about being in my own imaginary Om mountain top time? I can block out all that is not contributing to my self-care, the center of all else. That place where I’ve learned is our foundation. I’ve had everything lost to a life trauma once. I am familiar with the power of nothingness. In that nothingness, I found my foundation. My inner truth which translates to outer strength. I found myself in the nothing, so that now, I can just as easily hit ‘delete’ on every single thing that isn’t a priority. All of it.

We all have that power. To declutter our lives.

To Om is to live in harmony with oneself. To find one’s spiritual, emotional, mental love of life is the gift of sitting in our own silence. Our ‘being’ depends on it.

Peace & love to you all!



About the Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of positive, existential and community psychology.



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