No! Not that sort of coupling. 😉 Upon the celebration of a renaissance of my blog writing (I’ve been blogging for ten years now as a whole), I am coupling my two favorite topics. “Clarity Is” was my Positive Psychology People blog for two years. ‘Noetic Nomad in Search of‘ has been 49 entries in the making. This is #50.

Today is my launch of a blended contribution to the theory and practice of applied positive psychology with my evolution of knowledge. I’m calling it …

Noetic Clarity. 


In the past 104 weeks of writing, the topics have been varied. In my past musings, I wrote based on current events in a fluid motion toward thought. In the moment, rather than with purpose. 

Today, I am practicing mindfulness and meditation. It suits the tone of writing to focus on the singular ideal that when we master ourselves, the clarity becomes our guidepost. 

A great deal has changed for me personally. Two weeks ago, my father died. We had a strained relationship, but, because of my conscious uncoupling several years ago, that I began my journey toward awareness in the first place. In a way, I found my life’s purpose through being born into an utter lack of one. 

There is clarity in that discovery.

Noetic means to be intellectual. Clarity is the quality of coherence.

To combine them, I intend to explore what it is to thrive, to feel the power of lucid consciousness.

To couple these too powerful ideals means that I will be specific in my simple words of wisdom, passed on to me by my teachers. An existential understanding of self. To bring in the teachings of philosophers, psychologists, scientists, spiritualists and even ordinary people. This is how the character strengths and virtues were formed. Today, we have evolved the field of pp. This blog is an extension of that evolution.



The blending of flow of conscious with the discovery of the human condition is intriguing. The blending of cultures, centuries and conscious practices will be my focal point. It doesn’t have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, the less we complicate our thoughts, the more free we feel to be the best version of ourselves. 

I see the world striving toward answers. Desperate people who wish to be heard, to be fed the solutions to all our problems. And yet, in my own mountain-top-moment, I have seen such powerful freedom in the letting go of all thought. I know now what I fought so hard to hold onto.

Letting go. Simplicity. Freedom. Being. Love. Peace. 

It’s all right there for the taking. We have to choose it. 

Luminosity through thoughtful reflection of what it is to be human. This is my next year’s journey for The Positive Psychology People. 

Peace and Love,


Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of holistic healing and positive psychology.



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