I like things in three’s. It’s a calm, loving, simple recipe for creating the life we all say we wish for. Calm is a vital pillar in personal development. Loving oneself is a second pillar. A third pillar is having a vision of your own life that is so clear, you will accomplish everything you want.  Others aim for happiness as their ultimate goal. Some invest in abundance. 

Just a little while ago, the International Positive Psychology Association asked the question, ‘where do we see our field going?’ For my professional endeavors, it’s a three pillar system.

  1. Calm or stillness, internal stillness
  2. Clarity or clear sight
  3. Self-Love 

That’s my reflection on where our field needs to spend more time. Where would we like it to go? Happiness is saturated. It’s a popular topic. Who doesn’t want to be happy? What a subjective adventure it is. One person’s basic needs met is another person’s fortune 500 goal achievement. Personally, I sit in stillness every morning, grateful to have this day, clarifying my daily goals, then meditating on my achievements, so that they manifest as planned. 

Calm is my new happy.

People are slapping terms like ‘mindfulness’ and ‘thriving’ labels on their business plans; their educational goals, without fully understanding what that means. 

It’s in a greed and need headspace, rather than a personal fulfillment or self exploration goal. I suppose trying is the path to receiving. Life coaches help people find a workout pattern that best suits their life. So why not? As long as they also see, a bit isn’t enough to call it enlightenment. It’s the settling that feels unworthy of our higher vibrations. 

Loving what is. 

The calm is where I am finding my happiness. I can’t speak for anyone else. Nobody can. It seems that we are branching off into new growth though. Some of us are exploring the aesthetics, while others adhere the strengths to novelty. I concentrate on finding that core in the essence of a calmness. 

The calm infused with self love is where I find my authentic clarity. 

Tranquility is a foreign feeling for me. It has been for some time. It’s a foreign feeling for many who are grinding their lives into the ground just to make ends meet. They allow the noise to consume them. I was there, so know that vibrational pull. Not for me, thanks. Noise hurts.

Truly happy, healthy, successful people know that they have to practice the pause, sit in their stillness, envision what they desire, all before achieving it. 

I made it a priority for 2019. It’s part of the package deal contract I made with myself. Do you do that? Make yearly contracts with yourself?

The ‘calm’ is where I found peace. The ‘peace’ is where I felt happy. The ‘happy’ is where clarity and self love were patiently waiting. This is a process worth exploring, through all modalities of a new age old school positive psychology. 

Peace and Love,


Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of holistic healing and positive psychology.




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