“To live hopeful, with our nothings; allows us to live satisfied with our littles; hence, exemplifies living humbly with our everythings.”

Before purchasing my Positive Psychology textbook, I imagined the course would have charts and images of kumbaya scenarios with Yoga–like breathing and stretching exercises. Maybe, I would see a throw-in Neo-non-denominational proverb or two, along with positive haiku to exercise the mind positively. I envisioned an epitome of relinquishment. Now with all this one would think, here at Chaminade? Well the last term outside the Chaminade gym, a professor was instructing yoga–like stretches with about 20 students: male and female. I asked my wife, as we passed, is that the Positive Psychology Class? She said, don’t worry, I signed you up for the PSY455 (Postive Psychology) on–line course with Dr. Soots. Now, I’m pretty convinced today, that what we saw was not a PSY455 class. At age 46, it’s rare I get an Ah–ha moment. I prefer the dark cloud over ’Silver Linings.’ However, from Week 2’s “Think Tank,” thanks to a fellow learner, his response gave way for an ‘Ah–ha.’ He posted:

I know, logically, there is no way she would have allowed the kids to do such things if she was awake, so a better response would be concern and compassion for my wife, not attack.

Another fellow learner replied:

Taking that reasoning and not reacting is a strength I hope to have once I start a family

Options give us true control

This allowed me to feel better at not always being in control. I commend these two fine classmates who have made me realize, ‘wow, it really took some form of FLOW.’ That finally, 18 years later, I can feel ’positively’ proud. Thus, kudos first of all, to Dr. Soots’ Discussion topic and to Week 2’s Think Tank: How could a person change the thought patterns of another and how could we be attentive enough to attend to thought patterns to give ourselves complete control over the situation. What could you tell yourself and ways you could react differently?

Putting Signature Strengths into action

Think about your signature strengths and how you move through the world. Based on the above, my takeaway from PSY455 is FLOW! Positive Psychology has not only revealed new paths but has added paths ahead for me. Week 5’s Think Tank said it all. The level of each other’s posts was on a high note because FLOW becomes an end in itself or autotelic. The outcome lies where the activity is of no anticipated benefit for anyone other than intrinsic satisfaction;  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is welcome to visit our neighborhood anytime! Thus, to experience this autotelic state one need not ask ’how’ but simply ‘when?‘ Finally, from this course, and this course alone, I found two things were achieved within me. I will presume, you have not seen, heard or read it, that’s because no one else had besides my wife, until now, that you’ve met ‘My FLOW.

“To live hopeful, with our nothings; allows us to live satisfied with our littles; hence, exemplifies living humbly with our everythings.”

About the Author: Asked to remain Anonymous ~ A wonderful student adjusting to Chaminade University and civilian life after serving in Kunduz, Afghanistan, 2013. Retired in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, his new–found hope is to attain a meta–skill state by developing and maintaining intrinsic motivation. With his wife and 4 dogs, his journey is just beginning.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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