“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,deserve your love and affection” Buddha

Before taking Positive Psychology

Before taking Positive Psychology all I could really think of how this class might help me improve my current and future life. Honestly, I didn’t know how it would change my mind set or heal my emotions but I was eager to find out. For the past few months or so I have been on a ‘spiritual journey’ trying to find peace from my past mistakes, live in the present moment and eventually find meaning in my life. The one book I started reading but still haven’t finished is The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This book helped me refocus my energy and the present moment, appreciating life and everything and everyone around me. But that light slowly dimmed, life caught up with me and I had to put my head back in the books, majority of my time went to homework and a full time job, putting most of my free time aside. The one part that didn’t seem too dreary was this course, Positive Psychology. Once I felt overwhelmed with my other two courses I signed on to e-college and found sanctuary in this class.

Finding mindfulness and self-love

An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about mindfulness. Since I previously took Health and Stress and read Ekhart Tolle’s book I couldn’t help but instantly connect with this topic. Honestly, mindfulness was not easy for me to practice but the one thing that helped was attending my bikram yoga class, I was able to clear my mind and focus solely on the present moment. Positive psychology opened my eyes to a lot of self love, confidence and hopefulness. Throughout this course I have learned how important it is to truly love yourself. But not in the sense of egotism or pride, rather self acceptance and self responsibility. In life we all make mistakes but what we shouldn’t do is punish ourselves for those faults, instead we must forgive and love those flaws full heartedly. I now realize, it’s difficult to love someone else if you don’t love and appreciate yourself first. My aspiration in life is to be truly happy, I understand it’s a life long journey but the first step in the right direction is all I’m asking from myself right now. Therefore, self-love is the one lesson I hope to share with friends, family and others around me. To love oneself, find beauty in everyday life and to remain thankful and appreciative to those around us, we must project positive energy so we can hopefully receive those gifts in return.

About the Author: Jennie Pihana is currently and undergraduate at Chaminade University. After graduating, she hopes to go no to mentor students and later pursue a Masters Degree in counseling or social work. She also works at Aulani a Disney Resort and Spa sharing the beautiful Hawaii experience


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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