“It’s not about the destination it’s about the obstacles you encounter to get there ”

Finding my strengths and using them in difficult times

Before Taking Positive Psychology my thoughts about the course were: I thought that it would be about focusing about the positive aspects of Psychology, and how you would help others work on being positive. I did not know that it would teach you how to build on your strengths as an individual while working on the negative aspects of yourself. An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about….. My strengths I had no idea that they would teach me that I could get through any difficult situation in my life as long as I focused on my strengths. The strengths are far greater the negative aspects in my life. Being able to pull out the best of me allowed me to see that there is nothing that I cannot move pass, get over, or achieve in my life. Positive Psychology opened my eyes to… knowing that I am very resilient in life. Over this course I have been recovering from the loss of my father.

Using my positive strengths to help me through

I did not know how or it I would ever get pass that loss, I was daddy’s little girl and he was also my best friend and this shook me to my core. Through this course I have found the strength within myself to make it through another day. I have been able to reflect on the past that we shared and everything that he has ever taught me. I have found a new joy in life that I thought had died when my father died; there is nothing that I cannot do and the resilience that I have found within myself to fight back from a very dark place. I know that the love my father had for me and the determination that he showed in his fight, taught me that I could fight and make it back.

Positive Psychology has caused me to grow in ways that I could never imagine. It has given me the tools the change things about myself that would be detrimental to myself and has given me the tools that I need to not only work on but to succeed in my life. Hopefully one day I will be able to pass on what I have learned down to the next person that needs help to be built up while facing negative situations in life.

About the author: Shiela Smith is a student at Chaminade University. I love to help other people and in the future would love to open my own practice to help Veterans. In the future I hope to get married and raise a family.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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