“Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all.”

― Emily Dickinson

Hope and reframing Obstacles

I assumed Postive Psychology would teach us how to have happy thoughts and nothing else. I figured it’s a Positive Psychology class; it won’t focus on the negatives, weakness;  I was wrong, it is about everything. An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about how we have the ability in ourselves to reframe obstacles as challenges to be overcome. Ultimately will generate hope in any situation we seek hope for. Positive Psychology opened my eyes to I have always thought of myself as being hopeful since embarking adulthood. However, from this course, I have a broader scope of hope. I learned I could plan pathways to my desired goals, knowing there will be obstacles and/or challenges. Regardless, my multiple pathways will continue to give me hope to reach my goal.

Empowering myself through my strengths: A personal note

One of the many enjoyable assignments I completed for this course was a survey to gauge my character strengths. To my surprise hope was at the bottom of the list.  I considered myself a hopeful person once I embarked into adulthood; I did keep in mind that this was an indication of my perspective at the time. However, I also considered I might have room for growth when it came to being hopeful, especially about my future. Over time, in the class, I realized I lacked the focus of success. We all have dreams and goals, but I found myself focusing on how I could possibly fail rather than succeed. What I have begun to do and will maintain is having positive internal dialogue and focus on success rather than failure.

Will this happen with the snap of my finger, of course not, but being able to reframe the obstacles I may face and generate alternative routes to achieve my goals when challenged will become a part of the daily process. I believe my hope is renewed daily because I never know what the day may bring. But having the expectation of the best in the future and knowing I am working to achieve it, gives fuel to my hope.

About the author: Ashley Thompson is a full-time student at Chaminade University. She is eager about learning especially learning about psychology. She has a heart’s desire to help and encourage people. She hopes to become a psychologist in the future.

‘We are the Postive Psychology People’


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