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Back in May of this year, I attended a one-day workshop for a Network Marketing business I am part of.  During the day, social media sites were discussed, in particular Facebook.  One of the top distributors within the company led the discussion.  He compared various posts, highlighting extremes of positivity versus negativity, gratitude versus thanklessness and action versus fear.  What we post on social media will affect the growth of our businesses, whether it is one post in particular or a pattern of posts that plant a seed of general negativity without readers even realising this is the perception that they are building of us over time.  The question was posed, what could you do to positively influence people?  Not just influence their discernment of you, but of the reader’s own life.  The workshop closed and I drove home, imbibed with positivity, motivation and ideas forming in my mind. An action plan was hatched!

Letting go of Negativity

The last time I posted a negative comment on my Facebook wall, was October 2012.  Although I felt my post was relevant and appropriate, it only served to bring more negativity in my life, The Law of Attraction at it’s worst, working to full capacity.  Others jumped on the post, adding their antagonistic thoughts, magnetising further comments, some of which were unprofessional.  Who did this reflect on? Me of course and a few weeks later I found myself defending my original post to a manager. ‘My profile is set to private only’, I declared.  Clearly, it wasn’t private enough.  Was my post objective?  Yes I would like to think so and there was no case to answer!  Time for some gratitude for coming through the experience with my work record unblemished and a valuable lesson learned.  I have the support network of my partner, family and friends.  From that moment on I vowed I would only ever post positive things on my wall!  Furthermore, I would work on my self-awareness and what I am channeling to the Universe.  This continues to be a work in progress.

Encouraging Positivity

During the last three years I began to notice the amount of doom and gloom posts.  There seems to be more pessimism than feel good content on Facebook, with so many threads garnering support or hatred and adding fuel to the fire.  After the workshop, it dawned on me just how much it happens and particularly on a Monday.  The 9-5 crowd ever complaining about the dreaded week of work ahead and how they can’t wait for Friday, wishing 120 precious hours of their lives away for 48 hours of life outside of work.  What happened to being grateful for being alive, for having the job that allows them to enjoy their free time, for health, education, a democratic society, the sunshine, the rain and so much more!  Only you can change your mindset, set some goals and create an action plan.  Dreams don’t become a reality without facing up to your fears and taking some risks.  If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

So how could I make a change and how much could I change?  Sometimes, we need a gentle reminder to be grateful for the important things in life that we all take for granted.  My goal was to influence at least one person whilst at the same time creating a new habit for me. I decided that every Monday, I would post a comment, usually based on a quote found on the Internet.

Happy Monday People

The first post was the following day, plucked from a book by Osho.  25 likes and 5 comments later, I was already having some kind of impact on people’s Monday.  The following Monday saw a similar response.  One friend wrote ‘Amen! Grateful’.  By week 3, the love started to flow to me.  It wasn’t just my readers benefitting from the exercise.  Another friend said ‘Oh so appropriate right now.  Thanks Stuart…An Angel quote me thinks xxx’.  I was making a difference, to more than one person.  It felt amazing; The Law of Attraction working at it’s best this time!

Each week, has seen a core group of friends liking and commenting on the posts.  I have developed into posting my thoughts on a chosen quote, expanding on it and encouraging thought on what I have written.  I always end my post ‘Happy Monday People’ and comments have been made both on my wall and also face to face about how much they love the posts, looking forward to Monday and actively seeking my positivity.  My vision of influencing others is a reality and for this I am grateful.  The most likes to date is 37.  That’s 20 less than the photo of my first attempt of homemade spaghetti! I can live with that!

Happy Life People!

About the author: Stuart Dickson’s passion for personal development began in September 2013, when he joined a Network Marketing Company.  Part of his development is increasing his spirituality and the many ways of doing this.  His first blog, Happy Monday People was born from a project that came about from his personal development journey


‘We Are The Positive Psychology People’


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