Before Taking Positive Psychology my thoughts about the course were skeptical, I didn’t think that I would be able to keep up with the work and the assignment but I manage to do okay. Being a full time mom and working full time, I really have to discipline myself to find time to do class work. I thought that this class was going to consist of a bunch of studies from old philosophers and psychologist. I love the psychology field in all aspects, but this class by far has been my favorite so far. This class requires you to think outside the box; it so hands-on even though it is online. My reason for taking positive psychology was to help myself become a more positive person. I recently had a lot of thing happen in my life that I have no control over which cause me to feel depressed and down a lot. So my hope before taking this class was to somehow use the knowledge from this class to help myself mentally.

From the inside

An ah-ha moment for me was learning about what really creates happiness; truly the only person that can make you happy is yourself. We have the power to control our own thought to being more positive. Instead of thinking you are always being affected by things and circumstance around you, you can change your thought pattern about the situation or circumstance. Happiness is an inside job that requires work to be done in other words you has to work on changing your outlook on things.

Centering the see-saw

Positive Psychology opened my eyes to realize that I need to learn how to let things go in order to move on with my life and be happy with myself. I have the habit of replaying negative events in my life in my mind that I choice not to let go because I have created the habit of thinking about it all the time. When I think about negative circumstances or situations that has happen to me I find myself mad, depressed or sad. Through positive psychology I have learned to be more conscious of my thoughts and center them on optimistic thinking to create a more positive life. So my number one reason for taking positive psychology was to help myself become a more positive person. I can conclude that I still have a lot of work to do but I have the tools I need to change my live and generations to come.

About the author: Malika Fahmi, is 26 years young  and has two wonderful children; 8 months and one will be born in January 2016.  Malika is a Staff Sergeant in the US. Army and has served for over six years as a Culinary Arts Specialist. She is a student at Chaminade University and is pursuing a bachelor degree in Psychology. She has already earned an Associates degree in Criminal Justice.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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