The unfortunate thing about this world is that good habits are so much easier to give up than bad ones.~Somerset Maugham

Upon taking this course, I thought it was a course teaching the positives of psychology.  I wondered, to myself,  there must be a course called Negative Psychology. I did not expect anything close to what I encountered this semester and I can say that this by far was my favorite course.

Creating Patterns of Positive Triggers

An Ah-Ha moment for me in the course was going through the book Habits of Happiness by Braco Pobric. I enjoyed the book and I really like how practical and simple the actions and steps were to creating positive habits for yourself. One of the things that I would point out as a part of an Ah-HA moment would be about “triggers”. The book Habits of Happiness talks about “triggers” as a technique that one could use to create better and positive habits. For example, a trigger for me in the morning to get up is my alarm and when I sit up, that triggers me to turn on the news which then triggers me to brush my teeth.

As you can see, if we can recognize what those triggers are, we can use them to our advantage and create positive habits. This is something I have been struggling to create a better lifestyle that I can stick to. Now, now after going through the book, I am able to put into place meaningful habits. Now, I can set routines that I can be successful in and keep long term. I am also able to recognize and adjust when something is out of sync. This really is a huge growth spurt for myself as I better my future and well being.

Controlling Habits to Control Well-being

Positive Psychology has really opened my eyes to a different look on health and well-being overall. My actions and attitudes are actually a choice; I decide whether to be positive or negative.  Now, I understand that it is ultimately up to me to create that positive aspect. This soemthing I am grateful that I am able to learn new techniques that were foreign to me. I can apply in my daily life to move towards a healthier and positive life. I have gained a totally new mind that is better equipped for my well-being and to have a more positive outlook is a contagious blessing!

About the author: Andrew Fakatoka is a student studying in the Psychology program at Chaminade University. He enjoys mentoring and coaching the next generation and looks to bring the techniques he has acquired to better serve the youth.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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