The mind is everything. What you think you become ~Buddha

Focusing on Strengths Instead of Negativity

Before taking Positive Psychology, my thoughts about the course were exactly what the name of the course stated—Positive Psychology.  I expected it to be a bubbly class with all positivity that screamed be hapPY, haPPY, HAPPY!  During the course,  I realized that while my first assumption may be true to some degree, positive psychology does not only address the positive but the negative as well.

Strength to make peace with negativity

An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about how to focus on strengths and use them to get past the negatives in life. This was especially eye-opening to me, as it is hard to try to be positive when everything seems to be going wrong. Sometimes the negative overcrowds our thoughts and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to be positive. I learned that instead of focusing on positive or negative aspects to focus on my strengths! Focusing on my strengths helps me to remain focused and not to be discouraged. I can use those strengths to kick the negativity to the curb because I have the strengths to overcome this trial and tribulation! When I developed that mentality I am was easily discouraged, nor did I feel overwhelmed with anxiety about the future. Is was a clarity moment, as I know I am able to do anything that I put my mind to! Positive psychology opened my eyes to a better way of looking at things within my life.

Balancing the focus

I learned that instead of focusing on the bad things that happen, I can live life, in the present and future, to the fullest and be grateful, content, and self-satisfied. The bad will come, but this class has given me the tools to look the bad in the face and tell it to “take a hike”. I now know that I can focus on my strengths and positive aspects to get me through adversity. Focusing on negative aspects or qualities will only hinder myself from being that fully functioning and capable person that I know I can be. Since focusing on my strengths and the positive in my life, it makes me more appreciative, happier, and more successful. Living a positive lifestyle also helps to boost others to have a positive lifestyle as creates a domino effect. The more positive you are with the people around you, the more you impact their lives to positivity!

About the author: Karen Tejano is a full-time student, progressing in her degree in Psychology. She lives in Hawaii, on the island or Oahu, and loves to be in the great outdoors. She spends her time with her husband and her cat, Yvie, and making memories.


‘We are the Postive Psychology People’

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