A Million Smiles – The Happiest Book and Photo Exhibition on Earth

Filmmaker and founder of A Million Smiles, Mike Worsman has gone from suicidal teenager to global inspiration.

A Million Smiles is launching their biggest initiative to date – The Happiest Book and Photo Exhibition on Earth – a very bold and unique Crowd Funding Campaign that will create a world-record and world-first.
We’re inviting people to be part of ‘The Largest and Happiest Photo Exhibition on Earth’ by buying one of our canvas prints – which capture stories and smiles from around the world – and asking their favourite café, shop of community centre to hang it” Worsman explains, “but the coolest ‘world-frst’ thing is we’re also building an app
allowing people to register the location of the prints they purchase so other people and travellers can search for and enjoy them, with the aim of soon having an exhibition of more than a million smiles that stretch across every country on Earth.

A global conversation

From the Sri Lankan security guard he made famous, to producing the most popular video on Earth featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Worsman has initiated a global conversation about the importance of pursuing those things which truly make us happy – love, purpose, appreciation, family – as opposed to what we’re told makes us happy –
money, fame, possessions and power.

Launched in 2012, A Million Smiles inspires a world free from suicide, poverty and war, where adults smile as often as kids. To date, A Million Smiles has shared more than 10,000 photos, videos and stories that have reached an audience of more than 25 million people from every country on Earth, including around 10,000,000 in the US.

A subtle killer

Amidst this world of poverty, war and terror, much of which Mike has seen and experienced first hand through his travels, he says there is a subtler killer emerging. “Despite being wealthier and more ‘connected’ than ever, many of us are depressed and lonely, with most adults smiling less than 20 times a day while children manage 400!” Mike says, “With one death every 40 seconds worldwide, it is little wonder suicide continues to claim more lives than terrorist organisations – and I should know.”

Aged 14, Worsman remembers holding a knife to his wrist. A victim of sexual abuse, watching his parents struggle through a mid-life crisis, and forever grappling with a world that seemed to want him to be something he wasn’t, it was nearly all too much. “But there was always something that saved me – a belief that if my experience could
help others avoid feeling as I had, then all of my pain would be worth it” he recalls. “At the time I never imagined quitting my job, risking my life, selling my house and investing every ounce of my time and money to find a suitable long-term solution to this silent pandemic, but sometimes life really is stranger than fiction.”

Be a part of this initiative

To be part of bringing ‘The Happiest Book and Photo Exhibition on Earth’ to life visit this link and grab a reward for you, your business or loved one.

For further media information, interviews and photos contact Mike Worsman 0414 248 072 or email: mike@amillionsmilesmovie.com


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