“Don’t Forget to Fall In Love With Yourself First”

 Before I started this course, I began to brainstorm and had quite the collage of thoughts going through my head. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? If so, how? With so many different predictions, I didn’t really have a clue on what I will be learning or steps to train my brain into another thought process and a constant positive one at that. I was excited, yet curious of this subject as I have never really looked outside or stepped over the boundary I unknowingly set for myself. I was anxious to learn how I could possibly change my attitude which could in-turn change someone else’s. Although this may sound corny since this was a positive psychology class, I was actually positive about taking this class.

Filling the Empty Space with Self-love

An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about self-love and everything that goes along with it that puts you in the forefront. With so much going on in my daily life, I always tend to put myself on the back burner while I make everyone else happy. Although, I do make feel good about myself to see others smile (family, friends and coworkers), I kind of have that little empty space of myself.  I sometimes felt that it would be selfish of me to think I needed anything, but in reality, I was only suffocating myself without even knowing.  This had led to more negative things, added stress, less patience just to name a few. So to think about myself in a different light with the help of this course, it really opened my eyes.

Back on Track because I Love Myself

Positive Psychology opened my eyes to self-love, happiness, and having a different mindset. Just by changing the way I think and do things, allowing myself to have “me” Time has brought a lot more happiness into my life and those around me.  Changing my own perspective of myself shed new positive light and a new direction. My mindset has changed to where I’m the most important person in the world, although, my family is right next to me.  If I can take care of myself first, I can take care of everyone else much easier.  It has become so much easier to think in a more positive manner. It has allowed myself to take the time for myself when needed. With this knowledge that I know now, I can more easily depict when I start veering, off course, gather myself, and put myself back on the positive track. With so much that goes on each day, it almost felt like I always six feet under.  Now, with this class, it has opened my eyes to be six feet above.

About the author: Anna Liza Cline is a student at Chaminade University. She loves your family very much and enjoys learning. She also loves to help people in general, no matter who they are. This is why she hopes to attain a BSN degree in the near future. She also hopes to master the skill of paddle boarding and water skiing in the future.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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