“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand we listen to reply.”

Using what I learned

I thought Positive Psychology was about having a positive outlook on life, and how to deal with things in a positive manner. I know that psychology deals with different point of views and always helps me apply what I have learned to my life. After the course, I expected to apply my knowledge and to become a more positive individual. An Ah-Ha moment for me was learning about communication. This was a very important topic because I believe that communication is the key to personal and career success. Communication is very vital to any type of relationship, whether it is personal or professional. Poor communication is the cause of many problems because of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and poor listening. Positive Psychology opened my eyes to proper communication. No matter what the situation is,  there is a way to properly express your point of view; whether it is through verbal or non-verbal communication.

Listening to understand

“Communication skills are essential for empathizing with others, for understanding their concerns, and for setting the stage for interpersonal problem solving” (Carr, A Pg. 369).  The text explored how miscommunication and misunderstanding are big problems in the world of technology when is come to communication. Generally, there is a  lack the connection of emotions and body language when we use technology to communicate. As the stated quote indicates,  we do not listen to understand we listen to reply and also state our own point of view without paying attention or understanding others.

Strong enough to embrace my weakness

Personally, the reason I was so intrigued with this specific topic is because I know at times communication is one if my weaknesses. I sometimes do not know how to express myself properly, or I have a hard time communicating my issues. This course, Postive Psychology,  gave me an idea and a starting point to work on my own communication skills and how to apply it to my everyday conversations. Whether it is through talking, texting, emailing or body language. It was one of the topics I will share with others, especially individuals that I have a personal or professional relationship with to enhance our communications skills and be successful.

About the author: Brandy Richardson is a student at Chaminade University; her major is Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. After she obtains her Bachelor’s, she wants to pursue her Master’s in Social Work while she continues her career in the Military.

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