2016 is my year to be on the hunt for joy. I realized just this morning that the leaves are rapidly growing, and I didn’t even notice it until now. They’ve been bursting through their slumber for some time now. It’s my long days, many projects and urgency to make everything fall into place that made me miss their introduction to our world. This, to me, is a crisis. Not of epic proportions certainly. In the quiet subtle, every day checks and balances afforded to us, but certainly not on a grander scale.

To be in search of joy means that we sometimes wake up from a long winter’s nap, no matter the time of year to the realization that we have been missing something in our lives for far too long. The sound of a new baby’s cry, the smell of outdoors on our skin or the rhythmic beating of a cool spring rain on our tin roof. I suppose Julie Andrews sang it best. These are a few of my favorite things.

When we become so busy making a living that we no longer realize we’re not making a life, it’s time to change our own personal paradigm of how we spend our waking hours. Even now, at 4 pm in the afternoon, I’m rushing through this after working since 3 am this morning. I cram my job into 3 days so that I can afford the time to cram another into 3 other days. I sneak snippets of time with my children. I rest when I need to, but never in a long, luxurious nap way. Too many of us fall prey to this very bad habit of allowing joy to slip through our fingers.

Arianna Huffington began a campaign about the importance of sleep. I was one of the first to sign the pledge to try harder. There is no try. Pretty sure Vince Lombardi said that. There is only ‘do’. I don’t get enough sleep, but I know that with it, I will find that elusive joy. And then, I realize that my life is testing me now so that I will know the sweet nectar of a belly laugh. I know that my hard work will pay off with the languid loveliness of a day all to myself with a really great book. I know that for now, the hunt will continue to discover joy in the little slices of gratitude that remind me that no matter what, everything is possible.

This year is our year to define those precious moments as worthy of honor and celebration. To find clarity in everything, we must also attach our emotional intelligence to that thing. When we see it through joyful eyes, we are open to the positive regard for what we have right now. I just saw a quote that reflects this great hunt. “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” That to me, is my not-so-guilty pleasure. To hunt for joy in everything transcends happiness for me. I hope you find your joy in your daily everything.


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