As it is the month of LOVE I thought I would dedicate this months blog to it.

There are many types of love and each relationship can benefit from adding a good dose of laughter. As we all know, laughter makes us feel good and helps us have that feel good factor that can tear down walls and bring you into the now of happiness.

Loving your work

People who laugh together work well together. When you have a fun environment in the work place you will find more people happy to come to work. Their communication and tolerance towards each other is better and they will form great bonds. People incorporating laughter in the work place also found increased productivity and creativity. Through laughter you will find more people loving their job and a decrease in absenteeism and employee turnover.

Love in your family

Families that laugh at the ‘small stuff ‘and makes light of all the little squabbles will get on much better and maintain that joyful love. Life throws us many interesting things and we tend to take it out on those we love – by changing the way we respond to that will help the person going through the challenge and show them that you are there for them. How many times do you find yourself more aggressive and careless with what you say when it’s someone you love? – That isn’t fair on anyone so well worth watching out for. I know I am guilty of this one and have made a real effort to change it and it is amazing how things are more positive when you do.

Laughter can improve your day-to-day life

By laughing and being generally jolly will do wonders when you are at the grocers, or needing any kind of service. Wow the difference it would make when you go to someone that is in customer service and give them a huge smile and giggle as you ask for their help. Be sure they will help you in a jiffy as you are not like the others lol And you can also make their day after all we are all humans living and sharing this life so lets share positive vibes.

Laughter is so attractive

When you are laughing your eyes light up and you radiate a lovely personality, this is so attractive. I know that when I started laughing and still now people always comment on how happy I look all the time. You will find that you will attract the right kind of positive people you want in your life when you are laughing.

Laughter in your love life

There is nothing better than laughing with your partner, it relaxes you and lets you really be present in the moment. Many couples that do laugh together find a tremendous improvement in their relating. They will unravel another side of each other, the playful, fun side that gives a break from the more serious part of life.

Being able to laugh together will bond you and really tie a lovely bow around your hearts. In relationships its so easy to be jealous and demanding and to get a little annoyed at each other – try laughing when you have those feelings and see how it works.

Just last night, I was waiting for a call from the love of my life and my phone died lol this was a real test for me. We had agreed to face time each other as we are apart for a bit and it’s the only way we get to be face-to-face ish. My initial reaction was frantically trying to get my phone charged and sort out the problem lol but nothing worked. I was freaking out because we hadn’t chatted in a few days and I had some important things to discuss hehe I was trying everything and nothing worked. I then remembered Hey, just relax and I started to laugh. You cannot control everything and letting go is a key to a happier life. I took a few minutes to laugh, closed my phone and stretched. Yay after 20 mins the phone came on and we had our call. I really love having tools to help improve my mood. Give it a chance next time you are in a bother.

Self Love

It is so important to not take your self so seriously. We all make mistakes so next time instead of stressing about it laugh at yourself and you will see just how easily you come up with a solution. Then also make sure you love your body laughingly. Try the laughter shower, which I have mentioned before. Tap every inch of your body with light taps and laugh lovingly. Love all those bumps, curves and imperfections and own them.

I wish you lots of Love and Laughter!

About the author: Jo-Dee Walmsley is a professional motivational speaker and an expert on helping people deal with their work related stresses and increasing their productivity by increasing their happiness and their resilience. Jo-Dee has been motivating people around the world for more than 10 years. Her sessions are designed to address the physical, mental and emotional stresses faced by people in different fields of work on a daily basis. Her techniques are guaranteed to encourage leadership skills, innovation, creativity, communication, quality and efficiency by managing the mind and creating a positive attitude through laughter and other techniques.


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